10-1-22: Angel Meyers with the OSJ Magazine & Radio; Bob Loudermilk co-founder Second Half EXPO


Left to Right in the OSJ Studio is Angel 😇 Meyers the Director of Business Expansion for the OSJ Magazine & Radio along with the Second Half Expo and (center) is Bob Loudermilk co-Founder of the SecondHalfExpo.com and Yours Truly Robin R. Gunn, The OSJ Publisher & Editor, On Air Host & co-Founder of the Second Half Expo!
Learn How you can be a vendor at the Second Half Expo and in the 30 Year Anniversary of the Okseniorjournal.com for a total of 20% off when you do both!
Angel Meyers

Angel Meyers

The SecondHalfExpo.com will be on October the 22nd, 2022 from 8:30am to 2pm at the National Western Heritage Museum! Free Admission & Parking and over 100 vendors. A few tables left or sponsorships!

Bob Loudermilk

Bob Loudermilk

Then to be “BEYOND THE EXPO” you get a discounted page in the next issue of the 30th Anniversary of the OSJ Magazine and we will be a insert in the Sunday Oklahoman to the tune of 27,000 on top of our 650+ monthly distribution locations in the 405 and Just added Stillwater & Shawnee a regular distribution points!

Angel 😇 Myers – Oklahoma Senior Journal /Second Half Expo – Director of Business Expansion

Bob Loundermlik- Co-Founder of Senior Half Expo and Trade Show Event Nader said the last 24 years!
Robin Gunn

Robin Gunn

Robin R. Gunn 30 Year Publisher /Editor of the OSJ Magazine/ 6 Years Host of the Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour every Saturday morning at 9:05am on the 100,000 Watt New Talk Radio 96.9FM The 🦅 Eagle! “Ladies in the News” Honoree for 2022 | Valliance Bank Business Woman “Trailblazer” Honoree 2022 !

Each OSJ magazine gets you six extra months of advertising after the Expo!

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9-24-22: Frontier Medicine’s Shannon Casey & Sarah Engel

This week on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour, Saturday morning at 9:05AM on The New 96.9FM The Eagle 🦅 which is the Dave Ramsey Network in our market and The OSJ Radio Hour,  now has 22,000K+ listeners on our 100,000 Watts station!
  In studio: Frontier Medicine’s Shannon Casey & Sarah Engel! Frontier Medicine is a pharmacist-led Dispensary changing the landscape of Cannabis Medicine!

Shannon Casey with Frontier Medicine – With her 15 years pharmacy experience, she helped run one of the top dispensaries in CT, the most stringent of the medical marijuana states. She moved to OK to help educate patients on the benefits of medical marijuana and remove the stigma so commonly attached to cannabis.

Sarah Engel with Frontier Medicine – Sarah Engel, Edmond born and raised,  graduated high school from Oklahoma Christian Schools and majored in biology at UCO.  She received her Doctorate of Pharmacy in 2007 from the University of Oklahoma. Sarah brings 15 years of pharmacy experience to Frontier Medicine with an emphasis on developing relationships with her patients.


9-17-22:Dr. Jeni Baker of Ears of Oklahoma in OKC & Ardmore

See our short in Stuidio video with Dr. Baker explaining the new “Earlens”! (Video link here)

Audiologist Dr. Jeni Baker of Ears 👂🏼 of Oklahoma in OKC & Ardmore is in The Rise & Thrive OSJ studios on Sat (tomorrow) at 9:05am on 96.9FM the Eagle 🦅 talking about a brand new device called “Earlens” …. It is ground breaking progress for certain types of hearing  loss!

Dr. Baker explains how you can learn all you need to know about ”Earlens” in a up coming Webinar on September the 19th at noon to 1pm see flyer below of call Dr. Baker’s office at: (405) 673-1327 earsofoklahoma.com
Dr. Jeni Merrick-Baker, Audiologist and owner of Ears of Oklahoma

Dr. Jeni Merrick-Baker, Audiologist and owner of Ears of Oklahoma

Dr. Jeni Merrick-Baker is a clinical audiologist and owner of Ears of Oklahoma.  She completed her undergraduate studies at Oklahoma City University, received her masters and Doctorate degree from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and completed her residency at the Otologic Medical Clinic in Oklahoma City.

From 1999 to 2020, Dr. Merrick-Baker was a clinical audiologist helping patients with vestibular disorders and hearing loss.   She recently opened her own practice in Oklahoma City, Ears of Oklahoma, which serves the Oklahoma City metro and surrounding areas with services including diagnostic testing, Earlens, Hearing aids, and cerumen removal, hearing rehabilitation, hearing conservation and concierge hearing services.  In addition to her practice in Oklahoma City, Dr. Baker has a practice in Ardmore which she opened in 2003. 

To schedule  your appointment, call 405-673-1327 today!
3330 NW 56th Street, Suite 105
Oklahoma City, OK 73112


9-10-22: Robbin Davis, Director of OSHER LifeLong Learning Institute (OLLI)

What is OSHER LifeLong Learning Institute (OLLI) ?  That will be our first question  to ask Robbin Davis (Director of OLLI)  from OSU … on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour Airing this Saturday 9/10/22 at 9:05AM on The NEW 96.9FM “Talk Radio” The Eagle !  OLLI is offered  by OSU! Our Second and Third questions will be … Who can Join OLLI and what is OLLI’s benefits to you?

 In part OLLI is a program though OSU offered in OKC as well as other counties in Oklahoma that will help the 50-Plus either furthering your Education or Improve Skill Sets or take a class on something you’ve always been interested in! The cost is virtually extremely inexpensive or free!

It’s like going back to college but you don’t have to pay the high cost of tuition and you can pick out any class or classes you want! Listen  in tomorrow to all the choices you have through OLLI offered by OSU on the OSJ / Radio Hour !

Robbin Davis

A native Oklahoman, Robbin Davis has spent most of her career serving the public. Previous to joining OLLI as the Director, Robbin worked at the Oklahoma Historical Society for 14 years in a variety of capacities. Robbin is a graduate of Oklahoma City University and Oklahoma State University. Robbin and her daughter love to travel and hunt for treasure at thrift stores and estate sales.



9-3-22: OK Senior Games Phil Fitzgerald, Dennis Rhodes, and OSJ’s new Dir of Biz Angel Meyers

Oklahoma Senior Games is running in September & October 2022 with over 800 participants! You can be a participant too as long as you sign up two weeks before your event and also they need volunteers 🙌🏼volunteers 🙌🏼volunteers 🙌🏼 they will also be at the state fair on Senior Day and you get some bonuses for being a volunteer during the state fair!
 We are talking on the Rise & Thrive Oklahoma Senior Journal Radio Hour – competitors from left to right: Phil Fitzgerald (track & field & water 💦 walking & Pickle Ball ), Angel 😇 Meyers the New OSJ, “Director of Business Expansion” for the OSJ as well as the SecondHalfExpo.com is joining us too! Angel said, after being on this OSJ / radio show that she wants to participate next year at the Oklahoma Senior Games! Along with Dennis Rhodes who is a “Table Tennis” Enthusiast and Expert- both him and Phil have won multiple medals🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅‼️
Dennis Rhodes: I started playing table tennis 7 years ago at the Oklahoma City Table Tennis Club. I had been an MMA instructor for 15 years for Bill Cagle Martial Arts Studio, but I had both of my knees replaced and thought it prudent to change sports. I tried table tennis and liked it. I have played many tournaments and senior games. I am always trying to improve my skill. I want to play in A group on league night.
Phil Fitzgerald: After moving to Edmond in 2019, I was introduced to pickleball. Several new friends told me about the 2020 Senior Games. I knew I’d play in pickleball events, but I also realized my love of running enabled me to participate in more. Since then, I’ve had fun with pickleball, several track and field events, and even water walking!
Angel Myers is our new Director of Business Expansion at the Oklahoma Senior Journal and the Second Half Expo. Give her a call at 405.850.3025 or an email at angel@secondhalfexpo.com. She would love to talk to you about expanding your business opportunities with us!
Go to okseniorgames.com for schedule to volunteer or to participate or to be a spectator…  The website has it all or Call: (405) 821-1500
For more information (405) 821-1500

8-27-22: OK Senior Games – Donnita Rogers, Doris Harris, and Janet Latham

It is a Full OSJ Studio this Saturday 8/27/22 at 9:05am on 96.9FM The 🦅 Oklahoma Senior Games ~ Women’s Basketball 🏀 and Women’s 🏊🏼‍♀️Swimming with left to right Donnita Rogers Coach / Basketball Player & She holds the single game scoring record to this day, Doris Harris /Manager/Basketball for Senior Games Player & Played for the OKC City Doll Football 🏈  Team (remember them!) Janet Latham swimmer  🏊🏼‍♀️ since she was 13 years old and a competitor in the Senior Games since she turned the Big 5-Zero!
Donnita Rogers currently serves as the Director of Athletics at Langston University. She was an All-American stand out Northwestern Oklahoma State University and still holds the single game scoring record. Rogers started her collegiate coaching career at Langstone University in 1995. She is currently the winningest coach in LU women’s basketball history. She coached four years at NCAA Division I, Grambling State University and then became the first woman to coach boys 3A basketball in Shreveport, LA located in the Caddo Parish School District. She and the Booker T. Washington Lions finished in the quarter finals of the Louisiana State High School playoffs in 2015.
Doris Harris – Doris is a multi-sport athlete. Her love for sports and desire to play basketball was fulfilled through participating in Senior Olympics in the early 2000s. In 2010 she began playing with the Angels USA in the Oklahoma Senior Games which she currently coaches and manages. Her main goals are to be health and develop a competitive women’s team.
Janet Latham – “I was encouraged to swim at a very young age. I was allowed to take lots of swimming lessons at the YWCA & Sportsman’s Country Club in Oklahoma City I started swimming with the Kerr McGee swim team when I was 13, and competing in the Senior Games once I turned 50. I enjoy competing with swimmers from all over Oklahoma and it’s extra fun when swimmers come from other states. Last summer the Senior Games was my first time to compete in Water Walking.”
For more information (405) 821-1500

8-20-22: Rick Hadrava – Scissortail Wealth Management

What does your financial future look like and is your portfolio something you understand or just keep putting off looking at? Rick Hadrava (pictured left) with Scissortail Wealth Management is a 28 year expert in his field and he and his team will be happy to look at anything to do with your retirement, portfolio and even legal matters having to do with your financial management!
Rick has written a book and has a regular Podcast and a YouTube Channel to help advise, gold nuggets of advice for your financial future!
Rick will also see you absolutely free for a consultation that will be for an hour or a little over!
You can also hear Rick as one of our Keynote Speakers at The Secondhalfexpo.com, October 22nd at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum from 8:30 am to 2pm (scroll down this e-newsletter for more information on that ) Listen 👂🏼 in this Saturday at 9:05am, August 20th on the NEW 96.9 FM Talk Radio  📻 The Eagle 🦅 coming from the expert Rick Hadrava! The OSJ Print, Expo & Radio vet all our Guests and Rick is one of the expert Good Guys!
For over 28 years, Rick has helped create wealth management plans designed to achieve the specific goals and objectives of his clients. Rick works to provide value by sharing his knowledge, experiences, and network in a desire to help others succeed. He hosts The Over 50 Entrepreneur Podcast, Freedom Series Calls, and speaks at events like The Second Half Expo. Every Monday morning we send out The Energy Stat of the Week and more report. A weekly email that covers the energy sector, shares charts, thoughts & insights from experts around the investment world, and a whole bunch of other things we find interesting. If you would like to be added to this free weekly email, just email Rick at rick@scissortailwealth.com with “Sign me up please” in the subject line. Not confident that your current portfolio is positioned to meet your objectives or weather what may lie ahead? Get a free, no obligation, second opinion from one of the financial advisor s at Scissortail Wealth Management by emailing madison.liley@scissortailwealth.com or calling us at 405-960-3100.

Rick Hadrava & His Team & Partners at ScissorTail Wealth Management


Rick Hadrava

8-13-22: OK Senior Games – Volunteer Stephanie Peters & Competitor Regina Stewart

We got kids (4 year old Elara), a dog (Tippy), a Oklahoma Senior Games Volunteer (Stephanie Peters) & A Oklahoma Senior Games Track & Field competitor (Regina Stewart ) along with being the President & Volunteer Coordinator for the Oklahoma Senior Games and “Yes” they are all Family expect “Tippy” she is your host Robin Gunn’s four legged family!

We are in-the OSJ Studio giving Great examples of how you and your family can be volunteers at the Oklahoma State Fair (get in Free!) for the Oklahoma Senior Games as well as during the competitions running through September and October 2022!  Volunteering during the competitions or the Ok State Fair has some great perks and bonuses that come with it plus you can get the whole family involved! You can still sign up to connect with your event that you would like to participate in as long as you sign up two weeks before your event! Go To; OKseniorgames.com or 📞 Call (405) 821-1500 to see which event you’re interested or in Volunteering or the Oklahoma Senior Games is still accepting corporate sponsors and individual!
The Oklahoman Senior Journal has been a platinum sponsor for the last five years for the Oklahoma Senior Games and we are very proud and honored to represent the Oklahoma Senior Games that has grown from 300 entries to 800 and at nationals next year 2023 they’re expecting over 12,000 to qualify for nationals you need to qualify in this year’s Oklahoma Senior Games!

Check Out this Years 2022 Oklahoma Senior Games medals.

Elara Julene Law and Her Ganny Regina Stewart. Elara is 4 years old & her Favorite color is pink, she likes unicorns and playing. Elara reads and loves doing crafts, She knows her ABC’ and numbers and Elara added … I love every thing about Senior Games just a much as “My Little Pony” books!


Regina Stewart (Ginny & Mama!) is a athlete in track and field as well as the President and Volunteer Coordinator of the Oklahoma Senior Games!

After retiring from ATT with 31 years in 2013, Regina joined a group of athletes and others to reinstate Oklahoma Senior, after qualifying out off state for for Nationals in Kansas in 2013.  I have attended 6 Nationals, 4 top 10, 13 All American.  I enjoy watching women sports and staying active and spending time with family. A active precinct official for Cleveland County for last 10 years, mother grandmother, auntie and friend. . I have spent the last 4 years with my granddaughter Elara, who has helped with the Senior Games since she was 3 months old starting with the Oklahoma Senior Games!


Stephanie Peters Is the Daughter to Regina Stewart & Aunt to Elara and a 8 year Volunteer to The Oklahoma Senior Games! Stephanie Peters Elementary Special Education teacher for Norman Public Schools. This will be her 8th year in Special Education, and her 6th year at Jackson Elementary. She loves volunteering because it brings so much joy to see mature people still going. “It gives me hope for my future. Anything I can do to help encourage them, and or help celebrate them is the least I can do.”



Facebook: facebook.com/SeniorGamesinOklahoma

Phone Number for Oklahoma Senior Games  (405) 821 – 1500


Oklahoma Senior Games SPECIAL:  EXTRA SPECIAL. Swimming  – For $5 each, your guests can also swim.  They can use the meandering brook (Norman supplies the rafts) when it is not being used for the Water Walking competition, the splash pad, the slides and have an hour swim after the meet.  There is no charge for your guests coming to watch at Westlake Family Aquatic Center 1017 Fairway Dr. in Norman, Okla. or Call 📱 at: (405) 447-7665

8-6-22: Talena Ford and Nadine Walter with OKDHS & Community Living, Aging & Protective Services

 Caregivers are Superheroes 🦸‍♂️  🦸‍♀️ and They are to be celebrated as such which we are doing on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour this Saturday 8/6/22 @ 9:05am on the NEW 96.9FM The Eagle 🦅 and on your superhero left is Talena Ford; The Programs Supervisor with Community Living Aging and Protective Services at OKDHS and SuperHero center is;  Nadine Walter also works for OKDHS & Community Living, Aging & Protective Services. We will be discussing  literally oodles of resources for caregivers (most are Free Free FREE AND there is a Caregivers Coalition Conference coming up; November 1st between 10am to 3pm …. Getting Registered only takes one minute! Go To: OKCares.org or Call (405) 271-1500
Talena M. Ford – Programs Supervisor
Lifespan Respite &  COVID-19 Response Grants
Community Living, Aging and Protective Services

Nadine Walter works for OKDHS Community Living, Aging and Protective Services where she provides communications support and oversees Several Federal and State funded grants that provide resources to seniors, individuals with special needs, and their family caregivers. nadine.walter@okdhs.org

Talena Ford is the Programs Supervisor with Community Living, Aging and Protective Services at OKDHS. Talena manages federal and state-funded grants providing support and resources to individuals with special needs and their family caregivers. The grants support home and community-based resources so individuals can live at home in a less costly and preferr3ed environment. To contact Telana, please email Talena.Ford@okdhs.org



Nadine’s Programs:
Looking for COVID-19 Vaccine & Booster assistance?

Are you a Family Caregiver and Need a Break?

Need Assistance with Medicare and Medicines?

If you see something, say something – AbuseIsNotOK.org

7-30-22: Oklahoma Senior Games! In Studio-Mary Hoass and Kathleen Fitzgerald

That’s Right it is time for The Oklahoma Senior Games again … with over 800 athletes competing this year in 23 different competitions starting in September and running through the end of October 2022! The OSJ Magazine & Radio is a Platinum Sponsor four the las 6 years and “Running”! There is still time to sign up to compete in your sport of choice and as a matter of fact you only need two weeks sign up before the sport you want to compete in begins and you can compete in up to six different competitions per person!
“Hooray for our Senior Athletes!”
In The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour Studio this Saturday 7/30/22 at 9:05am on the NEW 100,000 Watt Station 96.9FM The Eagle 🦅!!! Pictured center is; Mary Hoass the President of the Trosper Archery Club! and Standing Left is; Kathleen Fitzgerald the Executive Director of The Senior Games since 2016! Both ladies are competitors with many medal 🏅 holders around their necks from the Oklahoma Senior Games!

Mary Hoaas is an outdoor enthusiast and President of the Trosper Archery Club. She has a passion for archeryand loves organizing tournaments for all levels of shooters. 🎯

She purchased her first bow on July 3rd 2010 and her obsession with Archery 🏹 began. She shoots indoors, outdoors, compound and recurve, rain or shine and even in the dark 😱!!!


Kathleen Fitzgerald has been the Executive Director for the Oklahoma Senior Games since 2016. During this time the games have increased in athlete participation from 300 to 800. She brings backgrounds in business and education and a love of participating in sports to the games.

She is not a good spectator, she is a competitor!


WEB: http://www.okseniorgames.com

Facebook: facebook.com/SeniorGamesinOklahoma

Phone Number for Oklahoma Senior Games  (405) 821 – 1500


Archery website: oklahomaarchery.org