3-6-21: Marcie Murphy with Cruise Planners

What are benefits of using a Travel Advisor?
What are your future projection of the Travel industry?
What are some top travel trends for seniors to consider?

This week on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour, Saturday morning at 9:05AM on KZLS The Eagle 1640AM. In studio: Marcie Murphy a “Travel Adviser” Expert with Cruise 🚢 Planners will answer these questions and many more on Saturday’s Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour at 9:05am on KZLS The Eagle 🦅 1640AM and don’t let the name “Cruise Planners” fool Ya … Cruise Planners is a full service travel agency for the last 28 years with Excellent Reviews!

Marcie Murphy is an retired Army veteran and a mother of 2. Devin 30 and Ryan 24. Marcie is an independent Agent of Cruise Planners, An American Express Travel Representative. She owns the independently operated Franchise of Cruise Planners. It is a home based Travel Agency. Cruise Planners is licensed, bonded and insured travel agency. We are members of Cruise Line International Association (CLIA), National Association of Cruise Oriented Agencies (NACOA) and American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA).


Marcie Murphy
Land & Cruise Specialist

phone: 833-801-6077 or
email: marcie.murphy@cruiseplanners.com
website: www.funvacays.com


2-27-21: Dick & Caroline Baze- VillagesOKC.org Members


What is Going on Around Here in the OSJ Radio Hour Studio?!?! We are in our Sister Station’s Studio HANK FM Today with Two Fun but Silly VillagesOKC Members! This week on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour, Saturday morning at 9:05AM on KZLS The Eagle 1640AM. In studio: Dick & Caroline Baze Have a Wonderful Life Story PLUS They Want to Share with You What The G. I.F.T. Workshops are & How You & Your Family can Benefit Greatly from The  G.I.F.T.  (Gathering Information For Transition) VillagesOKC.org – A Plan NOT a Place … For the 55-Plus!
Dick & Caroline Baze … VillagesOKC.org Members Since 2019. They have lived in OK, TX, CA.  We have son, daughter; 2 granddaughters; 3 grandsons. 3 great-grandsons. Caroline worked as Bank Teller; Office Mgr; Accounting Mgr for 2 different Engineering Cos. for 25 yrs. Owned 2 businesses: Currently one is her life passion of 20 yrs-helping individuals learn the value of healthy eating and living. After college, moved to TX & Dick joined Dow Chemical as computer programmer; then to the Marine Corp. Moved back to Tulsa & Dick was Computer Supervisor; Internal Auditor; Professional Head Hunter & Consultant in computer Industry. He owned his own insurance office for 25 yrs, still working part-time. The Bazes are members of local Chambers of Commerce- Caroline helps with promoting new businesses in the community.  Dick is on the Board of Adjustments-to settle disputes between homeowners/businesses & the city.  Caroline participates in a Yukon Ladies Coffee group; co-leading a small bible group; playing some golf; traveling; helping others, etc.  Dick enjoys the golf most of all.

VillagesOKC is a Plan & NOT a Place for the 55-Plus!

Phone: 405 990 6637  ​

2-20-21: MINDRAMP.org-The Brain Guys and VillagesOKC – Exec Director Marilyn Olson

It is a all “Zoomed” into The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour, Saturday morning at 9:05AM on KZLS The Eagle 1640AM…We Might Be Snowed in but This FUN Show Must Go On! We Are Collaborating with MINDRAMP.org (The Brain 🧠 Guys) top left; Roger Anunsen bottom left; Michael Patterson and (top right) VillagesOKC – Executive Director: Marilyn Olson are Talking About MINDRAMP Academy Hosted by VillagesOKC.org!!!

Special Discount Code Word: “Robin” to Attend This Virtual 5 Week Brain Healthy Program! *email: info@villagesokc.org
BTW – top right is the  “OSJ Radio” Producer “Jake Robnett” Producing from his Home’s Coat Closet… Yep, Jake is Coming Out of the Closet! He says it is Because his Kids are Home and Were Way to Loud … 🙄!!!

Michael C. Patterson is a scholar, educator and speaker who develops programs to promote successful aging, brain health, creativity and quality-of-life. Michael ran the award-winning Staying Sharp program at AARP and is founder and CEO of MINDRAMP Consulting. Michael is a certified brain health coach. He produces and hosts the MINDRAMP Podcast that provides practical advice on how to achieve Qualongevity.

Roger Anunsen is an award-winning educator, keynote speaker, cognitive intervention designer, program consultant and brain health coach based in Oregon.  Roger is the president of MINDRAMP and introduced the MINDRAMP Method© at the University of Oxford.  He teaches college courses including The Aging Mind & an important course specifically redesigned for this challenging time Virtual Cognitive Activity Design.

Michael and Roger have both had TED Talks and have spoken at the Smithsonian Institution on brain science and aging. They promote the ideas of Refiring and Not Retiring! Live Well and Live Long!

Marilyn Olson is the Executive Director of VillagesOKC! VillagesOKC is a virtual village for the 55-Plus designed to age  in our own homes as long as possible. Ms. Olson’s work includes teaching, retirement communities, caregiver and a caregiver advocate. Marilyn is  a resource for mature adults and their grown children who wanted help navigating the aging process.
PHOTO LEFT: Marilyn Olson Executive Director of VillagesOKC.org (center) two VillagesOKC members left to right; Robin & Bobbie Gunn

MindRAMP Consulting
Website: mindramp.org
Podcast website: mindramp.buzzsprout.com
M. Patterson email: patterson@mindramp.org
R. Anunsen email: ranunsen@mindramp.org
MindRAMP podcasts are also available on

1-13-21: Unique Wellness Dispensary (UWD) Medical Cannabis Stores owner Jerry Flowers plus UWD Patient Jennifer Waters

There Are Over 150 Other Components to Medical Cannabis that are Medicine to Help with a Long List of Health & Wellness Issues! What is Integrative Medicine … We Will Answer That Question and so Many Other Questions on The OSJ Radio Hour Show INCLUDING – A Huge Successful LIVE Testimonial from a real UWD Medical Cannabis Stores Patient (Jennifer Waters, Diagnosed with lupus and an autoimmune disorder in 2018) that had her Life Handed Back to Her by Applying the Customized Medicine Program She Was Put on by Owner Jerry Flowers of UWD Medical Cannabis Stores!

This week on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour, Saturday morning at 9:05AM on KZLS The Eagle 1640AM. Pictured Left is Owner of UWD (Unique Wellness Dispensary ) Medical Cannabis Stores and Standing is Amy Allsbury the OSJ Sales Account Executive Director! Jennifer Water is on the left in the OSJ Radio “Zoom” call while @on air”!

Jennifer diagnosed with lupus and another autoimmune disease in 2018 … had many treatments, pharmaceutical medication and large scary shots in her back with zero success and multiple difficult side effects only made her worse… Jennifer is a professional photographer along with an active life style and ended up living on a walker and in. Extreme pain. Since she’s found UWD cannabis medicine stores, Jennifer now has her life back and is off the walker. She is able to do her photography full-time again by being on a

“customized” medical treatment through medical cannabis and UWD Cannabis Stores!


(Left) One of Jennifer’s Nature Photography that the Oklahoma Tourism Site has delayed. http://jwatersphoto.com/



Jennifer Waters; wife, mother, grandmother & photographer and was having to live in Extreme pain in on a walker until she found her custom medical treatment through UWD medical cannabis stores in owner Jerry Flowers!

Jennifer Water – Patient – UWD Jennifer is a wife, mother and grandmother with a passion for cooking and photography. Diagnosed with Lupus in 2018, Jennifer lost much of her mobility and had to use a walker for even small tasks. After going through multiple spinal injections to relieve her pain with no sucess, she visited UWD to try RSO. It was there she met Jerry Flowers and was introduced to their custom medicine program. Now she is back behind the camera, traveling and doing nature photography, getting shots she would not have been able to reach only a year ago. Her work has been published by Oklahoma tourism sites and hangs in multiple private galleries. 

Jerry Flowers shares his life with his spouse, Lastar Flowers and their 8 children. He owns and operates his two UWD stores located in Edmond and Norman, OK. Jerry is currently a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, The Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, and The Medical Cannabis Institute. By education patients on the healing potential of the cannabis plant without the unwanted psychoactive side effects, is what sets apart his UWD stores.

Website: https://uwdok.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UWDOK

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uwd_ok/

2-6-21: Robin Gunn is a guest on her own show! Bob Loudermilk of The Second Half Expo 2021 hosts

We Are FLIPPIN’ THE SCRIPT … On The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour … Robin Gunn is Going to be Interviewed, Robin Will Step Down as Host and be Interviewed by Bob Loudermilk of The Second Half Expo 2021 (secondhalfexpo.com) Hear the Amazing True Story Behind the 29 Year Publication for the 50-Plus, Their Family Members and Retirement Communities AKA The Oklahoma Senior Journal! okseniorjournal.com

This week on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour, Saturday morning at 9:05AM on KZLS The Eagle 1640AM. Left to Right on “Zoom” OSJ Radio is Jake Robnett (the OSJ Radio Producer) Robin Gunn • Publisher • Editor & On Air Host and (bottom center) Bob Loudermilk (Flippin’ The Script) on Robin Gunn and Robin will be the Interviewee This Time!

Robin R. Gunn the CEO • Publisher • Editor & On Air Host of the Oklahoma Senior Journal for the last 29 Years will be Interviewed on this OSJ Radio Hour  … It will be her first time to be Interviewed on her show since she first opened the mic 🎙 2016! Bob Loudermilk of Second Half Expo (secondhalfexpo.com) will be Interviewing Robin on this “Flippin’ The Script” and Hear Robin’s Amazing True Story on How the Oklahoma Senior Journal has been a Part of the Oklahoma landscape and community for the last 29 years it all had to begin somewhere!

Bob Loudermilk of Second Half Expo will interview The Rise and Thrive OSJ  Radio Hour – Robin Gunn… The Publisher, Editor & On Air Host of the Oklahoma Senior Journal • Magazine Radio & App!

1-30-21: Sunbeam Family Services – Angie Doss and Talena Ford


This week on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour, Saturday morning at 9:05AM on KZLS The Eagle 1640AM. Who we have in our OSJ Radio “Zoom” Studio is Angie Doss – Chief External Relations Officer and Talena Ford – Senior Engagement Program Manager. Sunbeam Family Services is 107 Years of Resources for Children to Seniors!

Angie Doss is the Chief External Relations Officer at Sunbeam Family Services. She has been with the organization for two years and is passionate about helping children, seniors and families thrive in our community. Angie is a graduate of LOYAL Class 8, and is also a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters.


Talena Ford is the Senior Engagement Program Manager with Sunbeam Family Services. Senior Volunteer Engagement and Caregiver Engagement are the programs she manages, including Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, Respite Care, and the Care Trak Program.  Ms. Ford has more than 19 years of experience working with self-sufficiency programs. She received her Master’s degree in Administrative Leadership from the University of Oklahoma.




Ph: 405.528.7721

1100 NW 14th St | Oklahoma City, OK 73106

1-23-21: Transformational Coach ~ Anthony Haskins


What is a “Transformational Coach”? We are in the OSJ Radio Studio this week with Anthony Haskins (anthonyhaskins.com) who worked alongside Dr. Phil McGraw on the Dr. Phil Show for nearly 20 Years after going to Law School with Dr. Phil’s Son in Dallas, Texas … Hear Anthony’s Transformational Story that began in Jones, Oklahoma and learn how it’s your birthright to have a extraordinary life! This week on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour, Saturday morning at 9:05AM on KZLS The Eagle 1640AM.

Anthony Haskins is a Transformational Coach. Anthony worked alongside Dr. Phil McGraw on the Dr. Phil Show for nearly 20 years and under the mentorship of the world renowned brain scientist, Dr. G. Frank Lawlis, Ph.D., A.B.P.P. -Author of 17 Best Sellers who also appeared on the Dr. Phil Show countless times. Anthony has a Transformational story & was born in Jones, Oklahoma … Anthony has passionately focused his education, practice and now writings on spreading the power to understand, overcome and, in fact, harness the life stress that underlies much of mental illness and human suffering.

Anthony Haskins is the Father of two young girls and is a Dad who plays Barbie’s with his daughters regularly and Anthony’s two daughters asked their Dad to please bring Barbie & Ken to his Radio Interview and they dressed Barbie & Ken appropriately for their on Camera in-Studio photo! Anthony now lives back with his wife JoLynn and young two girls in Jones, Oklahoma after living in LA California for almost 20 years.

Instagram: ahaskins8
Facebook: Anthony Haskins

1-16-21: Jeni Merrick-Baker, Au.D – clinical audiologist and owner of Ears of Oklahoma

In-Studio Hearing Test with Dr. Jeni Merrick-Baker, Au.D who is a clinical audiologist and owner of Ears of Oklahoma in OKC and Ardmore, Oklahoma! Dr. Merrick-Baker works in a profession that in part helps senior adults. What drew Dr. Baker to helping older Oklahomans ? I will ask Dr. Merrick-Baker this question and so many more to help you understand how correcting your hearing loss can correct many other health issues. Did you know hearing loss has been traced complicating dementia and Alzheimer’s… Which can be helped by addressing your hearing loss!

Jeni Merrick-Baker, Au.D is a clinical audiologist and owner of Ears of Oklahoma. She completed her undergraduate studies at Oklahoma City University, received her doctorate in audiology from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, and completed her residency at the Hough Ear Institute in Oklahoma City. From 1999 to 2020, Dr. Merrick-Baker was a clinical audiologist helping patients with vestibular disorders and hearing loss. She recently opened her own practice in Oklahoma City, Ears of Oklahoma, which serves the Oklahoma City metro and surrounding areas with services including diagnostic testing, hearing aids and cerumen removal, hearing rehabilitation, hearing conservation, and concierge hearing services. In addition to her practice in Oklahoma City, Dr. Baker has a practice in Ardmore, Oklahoma that serves Carter County.


Website: earsofoklahoma.com

Phone number: 405-673-1327

Address: 3330 N.W. 56th Street, Suite 105

                         Oklahoma City, OK  73112

1-9-21: Full Circle Home Technologies’ Marlin Wilton and Bob Chamberlain

Smart Home Technology Can Help You Stay in Your Home Longer as “We Age in Place”This week on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour, Saturday morning at 9:05AM on KZLS The Eagle 1640AM. In studio: We are with the Local Founders with of Full Circle Home Technologies, Left is; Marlin Wilton and right is; Bob Chamberlain and they will explain how they can help with very easy tailored to your lifestyle  to use home technology that will make your life simpler as a caregiver or as a 50+ Demographic OKC community member!

Bob Chamberlain has an uncommon technology/construction background which positions him well as a partner/investor in Full Circle Home Technologies.  He has held senior management positions in technology, building material distribution, and new home construction. He is a current member of COHBA and NAHB, and recently attained the CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist) qualification.

Marlin Wilton has been using smart home technology for the past eight years for security, energy savings and monitoring in his own home and investment properties.  He has a passion for finding solutions to problems using smart home technology and finding ways to make the various technologies work together to automate functions of the home.  Marlin previously had a 30-year career as a Reservoir Engineer in the Oil and Gas industry until 2016 when he left that industry to pursue real estate investing and re-development full time.

1-2-21: Dr. Cathi Neal, Author and Founder of Changing Course Foundation

Dr. Cathi Neal, Author and Founder of Changing Course Foundation a 501(3)c Non-Profit has been “Zoomed” in from Davis, Oklahoma to talk about Experiential Therapy (What it is & what are the benefits?) we will “Unpack” that and so MUCH More! …Tune-in this Saturday 1/2/21 on KZLS The Eagle 🦅 1640 at 9:05am and discover new methods for the new year to empower you and your family!

Experiential therapy is a therapeutic technique that uses expressive tools and activities, such as role-playing or acting, props, arts and crafts, music, animal care, guided imagery, or various forms of recreation to re-enact and re-experience emotional situations from past and recent relationships. The client focuses on the activities and, through the experience, begins to identify emotions associated with success, disappointment, responsibility, and self-esteem. Under the guidance of a trained experiential therapist, the client can begin to release and explore negative feelings of anger, hurt, or shame as they relate to past experiences that may have been blocked or still linger.

Dr. Cathi Neal is the Founder and CEO Changing Course Foundation provides Professional Staff Development, Experiential Therapy, Business and Life Coaching, Individual and Family Counseling. Dr. Neal has worked in the Experiential Learning Field since 1997, holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a minor in Forensic Psychology, a Master of Science in Management with a Change Leadership Emphasis, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Christian Counseling. Dr. Neal is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, and holds Advanced Certifications in Crisis and Abuse Therapy, and Substance Abuse and Addiction Therapy through the National Christian Counselors Association.

She is a published author of the book titled Genesis: An Addict’s Viewpoint. Click Here to Order

Dr. Cathi Neal ~ 214-477-2673
Personal & Business Consultant/Author/Founder of Changing Course Foundation
Office: 580-368-3030