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Meet SYNERGY HomeCare

SYNERGY HomeCare is dedicated to caring for its clients and committed to doing whatever it takes to provide the best care possible. they proved this commitment when COVID hit our state in 2020. SYNERGY immediately began changing its policies, procedures, and best practices to make the safety of its staff and clients a top priority. While other companies were talking about whether this virus wwould be dangerous or end up being no beg deal, SYNERGY was developing and implementing a plan. Read their story in this issue. Visit SYNERGY HomeCare’s website.

Cannabis Corner

CANNABIS CORNER pages 67-72. The medical scene in Oklahoma has a new player in the game… cannabis. Oklahomans can acquire a medical marijuana card if they have a need that cannabis might alleviate. With this new option, many distributors have popped up, but how do you know which ones are credible? Which are offering legitimate, authentic products to help you? And without a formal prescription given (dosage and schedule of use) how do you know what to do? Read our CANNABIS Corner section for the top authorities in Oklahoma and what they say to do. Click here. 

okc pets magazine

Read our Pet Section

Starting on page 60,”It’s All About PETS … and the People they Own!®”  is our Pet Section!

83% OF ALL SENIORS ARE PET OWNERS. This  issue is our 11th addition of the Pet Section…77 YEARS & COUNTING (in dog years!!) Read online Pet Section now.

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