8-20-22: Rick Hadrava – Scissortail Wealth Management

What does your financial future look like and is your portfolio something you understand or just keep putting off looking at? Rick Hadrava (pictured left) with Scissortail Wealth Management is a 28 year expert in his field and he and his team will be happy to look at anything to do with your retirement, portfolio and even legal matters having to do with your financial management!
Rick has written a book and has a regular Podcast and a YouTube Channel to help advise, gold nuggets of advice for your financial future!
Rick will also see you absolutely free for a consultation that will be for an hour or a little over!
You can also hear Rick as one of our Keynote Speakers at The Secondhalfexpo.com, October 22nd at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum from 8:30 am to 2pm (scroll down this e-newsletter for more information on that ) Listen 👂🏼 in this Saturday at 9:05am, August 20th on the NEW 96.9 FM Talk Radio  📻 The Eagle 🦅 coming from the expert Rick Hadrava! The OSJ Print, Expo & Radio vet all our Guests and Rick is one of the expert Good Guys!
For over 28 years, Rick has helped create wealth management plans designed to achieve the specific goals and objectives of his clients. Rick works to provide value by sharing his knowledge, experiences, and network in a desire to help others succeed. He hosts The Over 50 Entrepreneur Podcast, Freedom Series Calls, and speaks at events like The Second Half Expo. Every Monday morning we send out The Energy Stat of the Week and more report. A weekly email that covers the energy sector, shares charts, thoughts & insights from experts around the investment world, and a whole bunch of other things we find interesting. If you would like to be added to this free weekly email, just email Rick at rick@scissortailwealth.com with “Sign me up please” in the subject line. Not confident that your current portfolio is positioned to meet your objectives or weather what may lie ahead? Get a free, no obligation, second opinion from one of the financial advisor s at Scissortail Wealth Management by emailing madison.liley@scissortailwealth.com or calling us at 405-960-3100.
Rick Hadrava & His Team & Partners at ScissorTail Wealth Management


Rick Hadrava

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