5-30-20: Mike Anderson, Norine Anderson, and Dave Bukvic, with Connectus Global 

This week on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour, on KZLS The Eagle 1640AM. What? Are we in Canada at the OSJ radio studio for Saturday’s 9:05 a.m. show? Well, our guests are! Top is Dave Bukvic, Chief Marketing Officer; Mike Anderson (left); and his mother, Norine Anderson. They’re all with Connectus Global and are educating us on a new app, called QC-Clock, that is a powerful new tool for empowering communities. It allows you, your family, businesses, and business owners to take an active role in a safer return to essential social and economic activities! Wow—how great is that?

Our special sit-in guest was my niece, Leah Gunn, the OSJ Executive Sales Director. She was the special holder of the guest photos.


  • Mike holds three trade tickets; Steamfitting/Pipefitting, B pressure Welder and Boilermaker certification.
  • Mike also holds his ABSA level 4 Boiler Inspection and Trouble Shooting ticket, Steam System Design and level two Nuclear Leak Sealing certificate.
  • Founded Integrated Life Solutions in 2016
  • Board for Luna Glamping & advisory board with Sandy Feet Retreat in Belize
  • President of Schmike Cycles (outdoor sports)
  • Reside in Calgary Alberta with my wife and 3 lovely children

Norine Anderson

  • 20 years in the Oil Sands
  • Background in Teaching and Human Resources
  • Passion for travel and a love of adventure
  • Partnership with Iguana Jungle Roost, Co-Owner of Glamping resort in San Ignacio, Belize.
  • Married with husband, three sons.

Dave Bukvic, Chief Marketing Officer:

  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology with Chemical Engineering Diploma
  • Hospitality Industry both co-owning and operating various restaurants and lounges with in Southern Alberta
  • Moved into the Energy sector in 2006; worked in the field initially; climbed up the ladder to management and executive level roles
  • Had several business ventures: 1) large volume camp manufacturing plant in Southern Alberta 2) transport and equipment rental company which I had sold in 2017
  • Married and reside in South Calgary with my wife, 2 dogs and 3 horses.
Connectus Global
Phone: 587-441-0506
Linkedin: connectusglobal
Introducing their app: QC-Clock
(Quarantine Compliance)
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