4-4-20: MINDRAMP’s Michael C. Patterson & Roger Anunse PLUS Marilyn Olsen of VillagesOKC; and Julie Davis of Concordia Life Plan Community.

This week on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour, Saturday morning at 9:05AM on KZLS The Eagle 640AM: Part 2 of our “Silver Lining to Cabin Fever” with Roger Anunsen and Michael Patterson from MINDRAMP.org. (The brain guys!) Also included is Marilyn Olsen, Executive Director Of VillagesOKC; and Julie Davis of Concordia Life Plan Community. Michael is in Los Angeles and Roger is in Oregon, but with radio magic and the help of our seat fillers, we can bring you this extremely positive and informative show.

Michael C. Patterson is a scholar, educator and speaker who develops programs to promote successful aging, brain health, creativity and quality-of-life. Michael ran the award-winning Staying Sharp program at AARP and is founder and CEO of MINDRAMP Consulting. Michael is a certified brain health coach. He produces and hosts the MINDRAMP Podcast that provides practical advice on how to achieve longevity.

 Roger Anunsen is an award-winning educator, keynote speaker, cognitive intervention designer, program consultant and brain health coach based in Oregon.  Roger is the president of MINDRAMP and introduced the MINDRAMP Method© at the University of Oxford.  He teaches college courses including The Aging Mind & an important course specifically redesigned for this challenging time VirtuaCognitive Activity Design.
Marilyn Olson is Executive Director of VillagesOKC, a virtual community of mature adults helping each other to live in the homes of their choosing.  The organization serves member/volunteers by connecting trusted members with organizations and trusted businesses.

concordiaJulie Davis has been an advocate for older adults, for 24 years. Since 2014, she has thoughtfully cultivated a team of trusted professionals and helped position Concordia Life Plan Community as a respected community resource in OKC. Julie is confident the best way to serve others is with a collaborative spirit. Let’s inspire others to embrace the way we age.

MindRAMP Consulting
Website: mindramp.org
Podcast website: mindramp.buzzsprout.com
M. Patterson email: patterson@mindramp.org
R. Anunsen email: ranunsen@mindramp.org
MindRAMP podcasts are also available on
Website: VillagesOKC.org
Phone: (405) 990-6637
Facebook: VillagesOKC
Instagram: VillagesOKC
Concordia Life Plan Community
7707 N. Britton Road OKC 73132
Phone: (405) 720-7200
Toll Free: 888-552-0585
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