7-2-22: Dr. Jeni Merrick-Baker, Au.D-clinical audiologist-Ears of Oklahoma

In-Studio Hearing Test with Dr. Jeni Merrick-Baker, Au.D who is a clinical audiologist and owner of Ears of Oklahoma in OKC and Ardmore, Oklahoma! Dr. Merrick-Baker works in a profession that in part helps senior adults. What drew Dr. Baker to helping older Oklahomans ? I will ask Dr. Merrick-Baker this question and so many more to help you understand how correcting your hearing loss can correct many other health issues. Did you know hearing loss has been traced complicating dementia and Alzheimer’s… Which can be helped by addressing your hearing loss!

Jeni Merrick-Baker, Au.D is a clinical audiologist and owner of Ears of Oklahoma. She completed her undergraduate studies at Oklahoma City University, received her doctorate in audiology from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, and completed her residency at the Hough Ear Institute in Oklahoma City. From 1999 to 2020, Dr. Merrick-Baker was a clinical audiologist helping patients with vestibular disorders and hearing loss. She recently opened her own practice in Oklahoma City, Ears of Oklahoma, which serves the Oklahoma City metro and surrounding areas with services including diagnostic testing, hearing aids and cerumen removal, hearing rehabilitation, hearing conservation, and concierge hearing services. In addition to her practice in Oklahoma City, Dr. Baker has a practice in Ardmore, Oklahoma that serves Carter County.

Phone number: 405-673-1327

Address: 3330 N.W. 56th Street, Suite 105

Oklahoma City, OK  73112



6-25-22: Jeff Aynes and Vicki Crafton, RN with SYNERGY HomeCare

Listen on Saturday 6/25/22 for more than you know but wish you did on SYNERGY HomeCare.

Jeff Aynes – Director of Business Development for SYNERGY HomeCare has been in the industry over 12 years and is a huge advocate for educating seniors and others about the industry.  He is a graduate of UCO and OSU. He is very active in the community with the Mason’s, Shriners, Leadership Clubs, Chambers of Commerce. He is also a disc jockey (Jammin’ Jeff) and performs at weddings, reunions, company events but favorite is Nursing Homes.”


Vicki Crafton, RN Director of Nursing SYNERGY HomeCare has been an advocate for those needing health services for over 30 years. She has worked in home care, home health, assisted livings, and long term care thru the years and brings a lot of knowledge and education to those that she comes in contact.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family especially her grandchildren. She has been with SYNERGY for 3 months.

SYNERGY HomeCare is locally owned by Weama Kassem who is on the front cover of the current issue of the OSJ Magazine along with a five page very educational & entertaining article that will inform you and your loved ones!


6-18-22: Deputy Tara Hardin-Coordinator of the TRIAD & S.A.L.T.  Programs

Left is: Deputy Tara Hardin on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour at 9:05am this Saturday, June 18th on The NEW 96.9 The Eagle 🦅 100,000 watt Station! We are still on the Dave Ramsey Network in our Market!
Deputy Hardin is Coordinating The TRIAD & S.A.L.T.  Programs and S.A.L.T. stands for “Seniors and Law Enforcement Together” and
“TRIAD” is a tri-fold approach to crime prevention with seniors the “tri” being County Sheriff’s, local municipal police depts and seniors.
Teaching this crime prevention in 3 main ways:
1. Through S.A.L.T. meetings
2. Guest speaking/teaching
3. Participating in events
Our first question out of the shoot (no pun intended. Sorta 😁) on air is; What is TRIAD & S.A.L.T. and how can your community and business get involved?
Deputy Tara Hardin began her career with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office in 2011 and became the TRIAD Coordinator in July 2021.  Since that time, she has focused the program on crime prevention and specifically the increasing scams & frauds targeting seniors. She presents a new in-person lesson at 19 locations around Oklahoma County each month along with guest speaking/teaching by request, and participating in events for seniors. You can view her weekly “Senior Moments” crime prevention tips each Friday on the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Facebook page.
Facebook page where short “senior moments” safety tips are posted every Friday
TRIAD Coordinator, Deputy Tara Hardin
Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office
2101 NE 36th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73111

6-11-22: Candler Eve and Sam DuRegger with MidFirst Bank discuss FRAUD and SCAMS

This week on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour on the NEW 96.9FM the Eagle 🦅  … at 9:05am. We have two experts in their fields on frauds and scams that are plaguing our seniors and their families as well as talking about a new cardless cash app that can go through MidFirst bank to help cut down on frauds and scams. Pictured Left is: Candler Eve the Director of Enterprise Fraud with MidFirst Bank and Sam DuRegger is the First Vice President, Director of Digital Banking at MidFirst Bank in OKC.

The OSJ Editor ✍🏼 is now a monthly columnist for the Oklahoman “Viewpoint” section as well as the Publisher/Editor/On Air Host of the 30 Year Anniversary this year of the Oklahoma Senior Journal!  We are definitely experts in our field as well as MidFirst Bank who we did some quotes in our column on frauds and scammers that will run in this Sunday’s Oklahoman paper in the “Viewpoints” section 6/12/22.

The OSJ / radio show will run this Saturday 6/11/22 @ 9:05am on 96.9FM before the column runs in the Oklahoman Sunday’s paper on 6/12/22  and both the radio show and the Oklahoman Column with dovetail nicely together for expert educational information on this very sensitive subject of fraud and scams targeted towards our seniors and their families!

The Oklahoman article link is also in this OSJ e-Newsletter… please scroll down further to locate that link!  Of course you can hear this radio show today from this OSJ e-Newsletter.

Candler Eve is the Director of Enterprise Fraud with MidFirst Bank. He has worked in various fraud positions for the last 14 years at financial institutions around the country including Chase, 5/3rd, and First Financial Bank.   He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics and a Master’s in Business Administration from the Ohio State University.  He currently resides in Edmond, Oklahoma with his wife and three children.
Sam DuRegger is the First Vice President, Director of Digital Banking at MidFirst, responsible for overseeing the digital banking experience for MidFirst Digital customers. Sam has worked in Governmental Digital Transformation and previously served as the Director of Citizen Experience at the State of Oklahoma before joining MidFirst. Sam also led the Digital Innovation team at SONIC Drive-In, leading the Order Ahead effort across mobile, web and 80,000 digital touch screens across the US at 3,600 SONIC Drive-Ins.



Website: Midfirst.com and MoneyMoments.com

Social media: @midfirst on Twitter, Instagram,  Facebook, and LinkedIn

@moneymomentstips on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook; MoneyMoments on LinkedIn (the newly launched financial education social media)

Phone: 888-MIDFIRST

6-4-22: Ariel Delgado-author, corporate chaplain, international speaker – PART 2

Ariel Delgado author corporate chaplain in international and national speaker! His book is: The Wounded Child a Real Life Story of Healing and Hope!

PART 2 of this Specific show from author, corporate chaplain and international and national speaker, Ariel Delgado there was so much on the first show on May the 21st (PART 1) We had to have Ariel Delgado Back and we are unpacking more of the onion layers of his life and how you as the listener can be sat free from “The Wounded Child … A Real Life Story of Healing ❤️‍🩹 & Hope! Ariel’s Book📕!

We dive in deeper to this complex subject. No matter your age after you become 18 until you’re 118 there is a wounded child inside of all of us and that wounded child can be reached! Broken People can not see clearly from the cracks that were made in their lives but the adult now can start the road to healing ❤️‍🩹 those broken parts! This is so much more then a eye

opening show … it will bring about changes if you are open to the change that as a child … it was NOT your fault but as a adult… NOW you have tools!

Ariel Delgado is of Uruguayan nationality, but is currently based in  Oklahoma. He is husband to Viviana and ather to 4 children. His passion through the years has been the development of leaders in different industries in the US. Nothing in his life has equaled his passion for God, Jesus, and helping restore families. His vision is to bring a message of family restoration to every corner of the world.


Ariel and Viviana Delgado wedding in May of 2021 and Yours Truly Attended!




The Delgado Family!

The Delgado Family!

Ariel Delgado-Building Lives

cell: (303)263-6043

office: 405-724-0309 ext 101


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