1-14-23: Anthony Haskins- Transformational Coach

The Oklahoma Senior Journal is so Honored to have Transformational Coach @AnthonyHaskins on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour!
Anthony who worked with Dr. Phil McGraw on the Dr. Phil Show for 18 years! Anthony moved his family back to his home state (Oklahoma) in 2019 to begin his Transformational Coach Services and to get back to his home town roots!
This is a fabulous and in-depth VERY TRUE story of how Anthony become good friends with Dr. Phil & Robin McGraw’s son in law school in Dallas, Texas and then begin working on the Dr. Phil Show after Anthony received a call from Dr. Phil while Anthony was still in Law School that started a chain reaction for Anthony to move to LA to work on the Dr. Phil Show for 18 years and where he meet his wonderful wife and started a family with their two girls are now live here in Oklahoma City/Edmond area!
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Tune in this Saturday 1/14/23 at 9:05am on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour on FREEDOM 96.9FM Talk Radio reaching over 22,000K+ listeners every Saturday morning on the OSJ Radio hour that is now a 100,000 Watt Station!
Anthony’s personal story from his Home Town in Jones Oklahoma to Law School in Dallas Texas to the Dr. Phil Show for 18 years in LA California to bringing his family back to his home state in Oklahoma is in a word – spectacular, when you hear his very very humble beginnings filled with family tragedy will inspire and YES Transform you and your family!
Anthony Haskins as a transformational coach has actually walked the walk and come through family tragedy to be a community helper to others!


The Haskins Family!

The Haskins Family!

I too…  as in Robin Gunn of the Oklahoma Senior Journal for 30 years, OSJ Radio for 6.5 years, OSJ podcasts for 2  years, OSJ App for 8 years, Columnist for the Oklahoman for 1 year and Events/ Expos for 25 years! I have also been a client of Anthony Haskins for several months and can highly recommend his very effective, fun,  professional & transformational services for your life personally and professionally! anthonyhaskins.com
Instagram: @TheAnthonyHaskins
Facebook: @AnthonyHaskins
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