“Why I went from a Doctor to a Health Care Marketing Specialist”- Kevin Khoury joins us!

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Guest in studio: Kevin G Khoury, MD of Goldman Baxter Healthcare & Khoury Communications

Kevin G Khoury, MD of Goldman Baxter Healthcare & Khoury Communications has 31 years of Extensive experience in management of the healthcare and medical industry with experience in financial analysis, marketing sales and client relations. He has achieved leadership and organizational development with respect to New and emergent market opportunities. He is an accomplished Author and Professional Speaker along with has unique Entrepreneurship skills that took him from his original Medical degree as a Doctor to what he is doing today! khourycommuncations.com

2-24-18: Valir PACE Covered By Medicare – Get the FACTS! Brandy Bailey & Ryan Sims

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Guest in studio: Brandy Bailey & Ryan Sims with Valir PACE -Hallelujah! Valir PACE Covered By Medicare РGet the FACTS!  

Brandy Bailey¬†is the Executive Director for¬†Valir PACE, Oklahoma City’s only Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly.¬† Brandy is a graduate of the Masters of Arts Gerontology program of the University of Central Oklahoma & graduate of the Business Administration program at Northeastern State University.


Ryan Sims is an Occupational Therapist at Valir PACE in Oklahoma City. Ryan has worked with Valir PACE for one year. Ryan enjoys using her education and training to help participants access equipment and training to remain as independent as possible

 while being safe in their living environment of choice.

2-17-18: WellTrackONE a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit, with George Massey

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Guest in studio: George Massey, with WellTrackONE, introducing Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visit!

George Massey and his wife, Susan, have lived in Oklahoma City for 25 years.  They have one son, Brent, a third-year Neurology Resident at the University of Kansas. George Is a Representative with WellTrackONE and he is introducing Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visit to Oklahoma. Not a Physical Exam, the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit is an  Assessment and Report that is presented to your Physician!

This Medicare Approved Assessment is FREE to every Medicare Patient and has NO Copay or Deductible and very simple for your Physician to incorporate to his practices!

Please text Wellness2018 to 95577 for our Video!

Contact George at his email georgem@welltrackone.com or call 405-640-4794! Telemedicine?    www.telemedok.com

2-10-18: OKCPD Inspector Cris Cunningham and Erin Engelke of Sunbeam Family Services

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Guest in studio: Erin Engelke (Sunbeam Family Services) & Inspector Cris Cunningham, working together on the CareTrak Tracking System

Cris with her dad, Charlie, who is the reason Cris fought to get CareTrak in OKC

Cris Cunningham is a twenty-five (25) year veteran of the Oklahoma City Police department. She is currently a Homicide investigator, where she has been assigned for the past thirteen (13) years. She has previously worked in various positions including patrol, community relations, public information and child abuse investigations.

Cris has been part of many community programs including HOSTS (a reading program in OKCPS) and Positive Tomorrows (serving Oklahoma City’s homeless students). She is also a member of the National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives Board, serving as the At Large Executive Board member.

Erin-Engelke Sunbeam Family ServicesErin Engelke is the Chief External Relations Officer for Sunbeam Family Services, one of the longest serving nonprofits in Oklahoma, where she manages fundraising, marketing, public relations and volunteer programs. Sunbeam Family Services has been a vital support to individuals & families in the community. In 1907, founder Lizzie Swisher saw a need for a children’s home in her community. With basket in hand, Lizzie & a group of women went door-to-door in their historic Heritage Hills and Mesta Park neighborhoods, asking their peers for financial support. That passion to provide safe housing for homeless boys & girls spread, and their efforts raised enough funds to build a children’s home.

The CareTrak individual wristband, available in OKC and Norman.

Listen in to find out about CareTrak and these women’s part in this amazing technology available in our community.

2-3-18: Denise Dickerson “Heaven CAN Wait!”

Guest in studio: Denise Dickerson: “Heaven CAN Wait!” as seen on KFOR Channel 4 with Lance West news on Jan 23rd

Denise Osborn Dickerson is a resident of Mustang, OK. She was born and raised in the Oklahoma Panhandle and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education in 2003 from Oklahoma Panhandle State University. She is a former 4th grade teacher. Denise is the mother of two sons:  Kyle, who is 28, married, and living in Odessa, TX. And another precious son who perished in a tragic car accident in 2009.  On December 23, 2011, Denise suffered a car accident of her own. She was crushed between two vehicles while stopping to help a stranded family. While lingering between life and death at a trauma center in Amarillo TX, she saw and spoke with her 15 year old son, Kody, in Heaven. Listen to her amazing story!

She lost her foot due to this accident.¬†Eleven months later, Denise walked a distance for the first time since the accident…down the aisle of her wedding to long-time fianc√©, Guy Dickerson, who had been with her through the death of Kody and the life-changing accident. She will go through an additional surgery for amputation from the knee down and will be fitted for a new prosthetic this year. Denise speaks publicly about her inspirational story of love, loss, and survival and the impact on her live and faith.¬†She is also an ambassador for the Oklahoma Blood Institute.¬†¬†Her story has inspired hundreds of others to give the gift of life.

1-27-18: Tracy Burch & Sylvia DeLeon of Groomer A Go Go

The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio¬†ūüL†Hour has ‚ÄúGone to the Dogs‚ÄĚ and we are just fine with that!¬†Saturdays¬†9:05 a.m.¬†on The Eagle, KZLS 1640AM or listen in on the OSJ app and website ‚ÄúHome Page‚ÄĚ anytime!¬†Guests in studio: Tracy Burch & Sylvia DeLeon, Owners of Groomer A Go Go Pet Market & Salon.

Tracy Burch & Sylvia DeLeon are Co-Owners of Groomer A Go Go Pet Market & Salon. Tracy is the head groomer in the Pet Salon & Mobile unit. Sylvia is the Pet Salon & Market Manger. They both run Groomer A Go Go with a higher standard that has built a reputation for them as a cut above all the rest. (All pun intended)

Both Tracy & Sylvia‚Äôs hearts have been in the rescue service of animals for as long as they both have lived. Tracy & Sylvia view the precious pet as the client and when a client comes in with their owner … The client and owner are individually shown the lay out of the salon that the dog/client will be go through during his or her spa treatment … much like how you and I are treated at our own salon appointments. The client is bathed, hand blow dried immediately after bathing and then hand delivered to the groomer. Once your pet (Groomer A Go Go‚Äôs client) has been placed in Sylvia or Tracy‚Äôs hands, they are followed through from start to finish and the owner is notified that their pet has completed their spa experience at Groomer A Go Go. A full service pet salon, healthy pet food, treats for dogs & cat foods along with some of the most unique pet accessories, I have ever laid my eyes & hands on. Oh & Yes, they now have the Pet CBD Oils & Treats that are a Natural Healthy approach for a myriad of pet issues. Groomer A Go Go is the only place my doggies (Tippy & Sadie) will ever go … which needs to be your family‚Äôs plan as well … You (I Promise) will be singing their praises as well.¬†Visit their Facebook page here.

Mobile number: 405-619-8300

PET SALON & MARKET (405) 605-4151 (no waiting list)


1-20-18: Tim and Natalia Smith, FirstLight HomeCare

Tim and Natalia Smith, Co-Owners

Tim and Natalia Smith, owners of FirstLight Home Care of Central Oklahoma City, have expertise in operations, customer service and healthcare, as well as personal caregiving experience. They started this agency to help others and to give back to their community.  They are committed to delivering quality non-medical home care and senior care with exceptional service.

FirstLight HomeCare of Oklahoma City and Edmond offers full home care and caregiver services for individuals that are recuperating from surgery, seniors in need of extra help at home, or new moms. We have professional caregivers that provide excellent services, which give you and your loved one’s fulfillment and  security. Website: https://www.firstlighthomecare.com/home-healthcare-central-oklahoma-city/

1-13-18: Marilyn Olson, Executive Director of VillagesOKC

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Guest in studio: Marilyn Olson, Executive Director of VillagesOKC

Marilyn Olson, a native of Oklahoma City, Marilyn Olson is an Educator, Businesswoman and Caregiver Coach.  She began as a teacher then spending a decade in advertising before spending more than 30 years in the healthcare, retirement, nursing home and assisted living industries.  Her passion is to be a help to the caregiver.

Her experience includes opening ten retirement communities several of which are in the greater Oklahoma City area. Most recently she accepted the position of Executive Director for VillagesOKC. “It is NOT a Place РIt is a PLAN! 

As a member of the ‚Äúover-fifty-five club‚ÄĚ herself, she knows full well the demands of the sandwich generation.¬†¬†Marilyn and her husband Jim keep their interests in multiple worlds by staying involved in the lives of her 102 year old mother along with, three grown children and ten grandchildren.

Her humorous yet practical¬†style has¬†made her a favorite of adults and teens.¬†¬†She says the challenges of aging are nothing new ‚Äúbecause we‚Äôve made it through childhood, teen years and middle adult life ‚Äď and it‚Äôs basically all the same.‚ÄĚ

VillagesOKC –It is NOT a Place … It is a PLAN-VillagesOKC! What is It? AGAIN – It is a Plan … NOT a Place! We are going to Age but we do not have to be old! VillagesOKC is a group of like-minded people in a geographic area who stay in their own homes that come together to figure out and develop the resources they will need to age comfortably. The VillagesOKC Concept embraces bringing services to people rather than moving people to services. The first ‚ÄúVillage‚ÄĚ Concept¬† ‚ÄĒ Beacon Hill ‚ÄúVillage‚ÄĚ in Boston ‚ÄĒ began more than a decade ago when a few aging friends and neighbors joined forces to create a way for them to ‚Äúage at home‚ÄĚ and remain independent as long as possible. There are now nearly 300 ‚ÄúVillages‚ÄĚ Concepts nationwide. ‚ÄúWe are taking matters into our own hands and creating organizations for ourselves that essentially allow us to remain in our homes are as long as possible.‚ÄĚ
Listen to the Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio¬†ūüďĽHour¬†this Saturday‚Äôs¬†at¬†9:05am¬†to learn more on this exciting new way to Age-in-Place Confidently, Safely & in your own neighborhood!

1-6-18: Jed Chappell, CEO of City Center & Jeffrey J. Lara, Director of Operations for The Salvation Army

This week on “Rise & Thrive with the OSJ Radio Hour”
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Guest in studio: Jed Chappell, co-founder & CEO of City Center

Call-in Guest: Jeffrey J. Lara, Director of Operations for The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma Area Command


Jed Chappell and his wife Julie founded City Center on August 1, 2016. Serving as the CEO of City Center, Jed hopes to bring relief and restoration to lives by establishing community resource centers in under-resourced areas in OKC Jed’s passion for reaching impoverished communities & families is born out of his compelling story of living as a reckless youth, drug dealer, and criminal, to becoming a pastor committed to seeing lives in Oklahoma City, the same city he helped poison, fully restored.¬†Book Jed for speaking engagements at:¬†jedchappell.com.¬†City Center Website:¬†okcity.center

Jeff Lara Salvation army on Oklahoma Senior journal radioJeffrey J. Lara, Director of Operations/Programs for¬†The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma Area Command, is our ‚ÄúCall-In‚ÄĚ guest¬†this Saturday¬†on the OSJ Radio Hour. He will be calling in with a¬†vendor opportunity¬†coming in April for the 7th Annual Salvation Army Senior Living Fair!¬†For more information on this event call:¬†Lisa Sydnor, Senior Programs Manager¬†The Salvation Army at
(405) 246-1120. 

OSJ Editor and On Air Host Robin Gunn is a Proud Advocate & Sponsor for The Salvation Army. salvationarmyokcac.org

12-30-17: Greg & Nathan Gunn‚ÄĒBrothers of Robin Gunn, OSJ editor & On Air Host!

Guests in studio: Greg Gunn (founder of¬†Family-ID)¬†& Nathan Gunn (Pastor & President of¬†Jesus Booth¬†Ministries)‚ÄĒBrothers of Robin Gunn, ¬†OSJ Editor & On Air Host!

Greg C. Gunn, founder of¬†Family-ID, life coach, pastor, author, speaker and most important husband/father. Greg believes you can be a world-changer right where you are! He is a husband of over 33 years, a father of seven kids, a father-in-law and a grandfather of four. He owned and operated a successful financial services business for 30 years. For 20 years Greg has led¬†Family Vision Ministries, a ministry that helps families put their purpose on paper and pass it on to future generations.¬†Click here to visit and learn more at Greg’s website¬†www.Family-ID.com

Nathan W. Gunn¬†is a Pastor and President of the Mission Organization¬†Jesus Booth Ministries. He has spent the last 20 years ministering in Los Angeles, New York, Africa, India and many other places. He has provided outreach tools for other churches and organizations in the U.S and around the world. He spends 4 to 5 days a week, right here in downtown OKC ministering to people by building relationships, praying for their needs, whether it be physical, spiritual or financial and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nathan is also an artist and he has used his art as an outreach tool.¬†Click here to visit Nathan’s website¬†and¬†click here to visit his Facebook page