WHAT IS “HOMES FOR HEROS”? Welllllllllll we will be letting you in in the BIG Secret tomorrow (Saturday)

Back by popular demand! Listen in on June 22, 2024 on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour at 9:05am on FREEDOM 96.9FM Oklahoma’s Talk Radio!
This program as Zero Red Tape to it and I stand behind and beside it 100%!
This is a community of like minded “give back” businesses plus a grant that gives back to first responders, teachers and the health care employees when buy a home! Hence “HOMES FOR HEROES” this is a true blue program and listen to get all the details! OKHeroes.com
Pictured left is: Emily Machetta senior mortgage broker with Flat Branch Home Loan Mortgages, right is Steve Burris – Founder of Kevo Properties Real Estate, center is Chuck Gooch – Founder of expi Real Estate.
Oklahoma native Steve Burris, a real estate visionary, flipped his first house at 30, sparking a lucrative career. In 2010, he founded Kevo Properties, Oklahoma’s largest private brokerage, with a goal to help new agents reach $100,000 quickly. Steve’s latest venture, O Brokers, fosters collaboration among agents and small brokerages, reducing costs so they can focus on their real estate passion.
O Brokers Group Info:
Address: 4312 N Classen Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73118 Phone: (405)494-7222



Chuck Gooch is a Broker at Epic Real Estate and founder!




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