6-15-24: BEMER; Donna Dearman, Judy M. Ward, and Vicki Latham

What is a BEMER??? Nope we are not talking about the auto … BEMER stands for: Bio electromagnetic energy regulation.

Aging is the process of continuous impairment of the microcirculation.

This show has to be listened to this Saturday 6/15/25 @9:05am on FREEDOM 96.9FM

The BEMER delivers the unique & patented signals into the body to improve micro circulation, enhancing the body’s natural self-regulating processes.

The BEMER has been in use for 25 years in Europe and was invented in Germany… it is a normal process in Europe for the BEMER to be used in multiple medical issues. It’s all natural and has no side effects. Only progression of success for your body.

BEMER can also be used on horses  and other animals besides humans. THIS IS A MUST FOR YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES TO LISTEN TO!


Donna Dearman RN – Retired Critical care RN worked for 42 yrs.
My husband and I love breeding horses and watching them grow to their full potential. I’ve been passionate about sharing Bemer for over 7 yrs. to help benefit humans and horses. I learned about this technology from my internist, Dr. John Williams, MD. While working in the Cardiac Cath lab, I learned well the significance of adequate blood flow to the smallest vessels who have the biggest job of delivering the Oxygen and Nutrients and removing the waste products which are causing the inflammatory processes and hindering healing.

contact info:
website: ddearman.bemergroup.com
email: 3bardranch@gmail.com
Cell: 405-714-5564
Facebook: facebook.com/donnadearman

Judy M. Ward, BA, MBA – Independent Business Owner
Retired Management Information Systems Analyst -20 years corporate America
Retired Higher Education Administrator and Computer Professor – 20 years
Active licensed independent insurance agent 17 ½ years. I have been passionate about sharing Bemer for over 5 ½ years because of personal results . I learned that my body was capable of much more than I ever dreamed possible when it comes to increased blood flow.
Contact info:
Website: judy-ward.bemergroup.com
Email: judy:.ward@bemermail.com
Cell: 405-650-7642


Vicki Latham PA-C of Edmond, Oklahoma.
Licensed, Board-Certified Physician Assistant, Health coach, and Professional ballet dancer and teacher.
BEMER IBO-Team Manager Started the Toxinclear Health Network LLC in 2006 after reversing a health concern through detoxification. Added ”toxic exposures” to the differential diagnosis for all my patients. 2016, was educated on the functional benefits of microcirculation … the most hemodynamically active part of our circulatory system and detoxification at the cellular level. I use a medical device that significantly enhances microvascular blood flow (8 years). It is my secret weapon for longevity.

Websites: toxinclear.bemergroup.com


Email: toxinclear@.gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/vickilatham7

Instagram: Instagram.com/toxinclear X: x.com/toxinclear

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