2-10-24: POSITIVE AGING EVENT FEB 21 24 – VillagesOKC

The Oklahoma Senior Journal will be in all the no cost take away bags that will be given to all that attend!

What is Positive Aging and how can you, friends & family get involved with this excellent program of powerful information on Positive Aging?
Well we will tell you on Tomorrow’s OSJ Radio Hour!
Our First Question out of the shoot is this; “What is Positive Aging mean to you”?
Did you know that your GUT is like your second brain 🧠
“Listen to Your Gut” is the main focus besides so much more!
Pictured: Left is Marilyn Olson the Executive Director of VillagesOKC.org and Lisa James the Community Liaisons at Complete OK Home Care, Palliative Care, and Hospice Care. Everything takes off, February 21st from 9:30am to 2:30pm (registration is a 9am) at Metro Tech, Business Conference Center at 1900 SpringLake Drive. You can pre-register for a complementary Swadley’s BBQ lunch at; VillagesOKC.org or Call at; (405) 990-6637



Marilyn  Olson is Executive Director of VillagesOKC, Inc. – a nonprofit network of 50+ persons empowered to age with vitality and purpose. Mw. Olson holds a degree in Education from Southern Nazarene University, serves on the state Multisector Plan on Aging, on the State Council on Aging and for the past 38 years she’s been a positive voice for the issues of again.


Lisa James studies at OSU and has 35 years of experience in helathcare. She now serves as Community Liaison for COMPLETE OK HomeCare, Palliative and Hospice Care. As an industry leader, she holds a board position on the Oklahoma Association for Home Care and Hospice.

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Also you can see the OSJ e-newsletter for the official flyer to Positive Aging