9-9-23: NewView Oklahoma: Lauren Branch and Ashley Howard

New View Oklahoma is in the studio this Saturday 9/9/23 with CEO 👩‍💼 & President – Lauren Branch (left) and Ashley Howard (center) the VP of Marketing & Financial Development.

There are some great new programs and technical help and nobody is ever turned away from New Veiw Oklahoma help. There are 70% of seniors that have low vision issues. It is not a catastrophic diagnosis because there is help though New View Oklahoma, if your doctor has not mentioned New View Oklahoma, please mention it to him or her.

Lauren Branch, President and CEO (left)
Lauren Branch has been with NewView Oklahoma, formerly the Oklahoma League for the Blind, since 1997. A native of Houston, Texas, Lauren received her bachelor’s degree in accounting and business administration from Texas A&M University in 1986 and is also a certified public accountant. Under Lauren’s leadership, NewView Oklahoma has undergone unprecedented growth, employing almost 200 individuals, most of whom are blind or low vision and serving thousands of Oklahomans with vision loss.

Ashley Howard, VP of Marketing and Financial Development(right)
Ashley Howard is a San Diego Native that relocated to Oklahoma in 2013 after her husband ended his ten-year tenure with the United States Marine Corps. Howard has a master’s degree in education, a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and serves as the VP of Marketing and Financial Development at NewView Oklahoma where she oversees development, fundraising, grants, marketing, communications, public policy, and advocacy.

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