9-16-23: OK Senior Games Janet Thornton and Mike Getto


Oklahoma Senior Games has many faceted, volunteers and competitors including administration! Pictured Left in the studio on Zoom is Janet Thornton an Oklahoma Senior Games athletes, as well as OK Senior Games grant writer ✍️. Mike Getto is the Oklahoma Senior Games videographer! Both Janet & Mike an… xperts in their Feild and get to share a bit of the behind the Scenes of The Oklahoma Senior Games … You can still sign up to participate in your favorites sport and to get a list of all those sports and their dates go to:  okseniorgames.com!

Janet Thornton – After spending 22 years in finance, and 25 years in the entertainment business, Janet turned her talents to helpThe Oklahoma Senior Games. After retirement she and her husband, Buck, started traveling around the states for him to participate in several other state games When Oklahoma Senior Games took on new management, she agreed to be the Grant and Sponsorship Specialists.  That led to her be active in several areas  When TSET gave OSG a $ 500,000 Grant it was a natural choice for her to be one of the administrators of the grant.


Mike Getto – Forty years experience as a corporate and broadcast producer.  His clients have included Fortune 500 companies broadcast networks, state and federal governments and nonprofit organizations such as the Oklahoma Senior Games.


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