7-22-23: SSM Health Behavioral Health Services, Lanette Long and Dr. Bobby Verma

Back by popular demand is our SSM Health Saint Anthony on The OSJ Radio Hour Show Originally aired back in May of this year!  We will have two more brand new shows with SSM Health coming up this year on The OSJ Radio Hour this year!
On The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour we are talking with SSM Health Saint Anthony with (left) Lanette Long – Director of Out Patient Services and (center) is Dr. Bobby Verma (psychiatrist) as you know SSM Health Saint Anthony has been a stable in Oklahoma Health for decades… We will be focusing on Behavioral Health on this OSJ Radio Program this Saturday 7/22/23 at 9:05am on FREEDOM 96.9FM Oklahoma’s Talk Radio! Here are a few of our very important questions, that will be answered:
  1. What does a typical day look like for patients in your intensive outpatient program? What about partial hospitalization?
  2. How might a senior know it’s time to seek mental health assistance? Could you give us some examples of different types of symptoms and what actions would be appropriate to seek the appropriate level of care?
  3. We know that, oftentimes, family members or caregivers for seniors can be the first to notice a mental health challenge developing. What are some of the tools available for caregivers, and how can they help their loved ones access the mental health services they need?
I learned so much myself from this show … THIS IS A NOT TO BE MISSED SHOW!
Dr. Bobby Verma is a psychiatrist with SSM Health St. Anthony, the state’s largest private provider of mental and behavioral health services. He is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology as well as the American Board of Preventive Medicine. He cares for adults in Oklahoma City and surrounding communities. He is joined today by Lanette Long, a licensed professional counselor, who is Director of Outpatient Services with SSM Health Behavioral
He is joined today by Lanette Long, a licensed professional counselor, who is Director of Outpatient Services with SSM Health Behavioral Health.

Helpful links and information to access SSM Health Behavioral Health services include:

Behavorial Health at SSM Health 


SSM Health Facebook

@ssmhealthsaints (Twitter & Instagram)

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