4-15-23: MidFirst Bank: Bill Muller, Certified Fraud Examiner & fraud professional Candler Eve

MidFirst Bank (left) Bill Muller, Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) & (center) Chandel Eve, 16 year’s experience as a fraud Professional, both for MidFirst Bank in OKC. They will be educating us & informing us on Fraud  & Scams that effort our 50-Plus Demographics multiple times a day in Oklahoma. They expose current frauds and scams as well as how to avoid them. Usually when someone a scammed, they don’t want to tell anybody, but that is the absolute WORST thing you can. You need to tell someone you trust as well as your banker, who are highly trained in these frauds and scams illegal actions. The probability of getting your money back at slim BUT you can educate others. Of course, the best defense is PREVENTION and if anyone ask for money upfront as a rule of thumb, that’s a scam! The scammers are professionals and practice on a daily basis to Prophet scamming you. You are the victim, and that is why you need to speak out!
Tune in this Saturday for more information on how you can protect yourself and your finances, as well as your parents at 9:05am on the FREEDOM 96.9FM Oklahoma’s Talk Radio this Saturday!

Bill Muller, a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma and had the opportunity to be a minor league batboy in Tulsa for a period of time in his teens. During college, Bill put himself through school working as an equipment manager for the Oklahoma State University Football team, which included traveling to away games and working numerous hours while taking a full load of classes. After graduating from OSU, Bill spent time as a counselor for juveniles in a treatment center. Next, Bill was a municipal police officer in Oklahoma for several years before being hired by the United States Secret Service as a Special Agent. During his tenure with the US Secret Service, Bill had the unique fortune to be involved in providing security protection to current and former Presidents, Vice Presidents and Foreign Heads of State. Also as a Special Agent, Bill conducted various complex financial cases. Bill returned to Oklahoma a few years ago after retiring from the government and has continued to be involved in security and investigative related work. Bill currently serves at MidFirst Bank as the Fraud/Risk Review Investigator who specializes in Elder Financial Exploitation reviews.

Candler Eve has spent over 16 years as a fraud professional. He has a wide diversity of experience from large trillion dollar banks to smaller community banks with just over 10 billion in assets. Candler has created and led multiple fraud programs including the implementation and governance of those programs. He is passionate about preventing, detecting, and investigating fraud scams that impact the good people of Oklahoma. Since 2019 Candler Eve has been the Director of Enterprise Fraud Risk Management with MidFirst Bank. Candler has served as a subject matter expert at several annual conferences including the “ABA Financial Crimes Enforcement Conference.” He currently resides in Edmond with his wife and three children.


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