What is the new news at VillagesOKC? Center is Marilyn Olson, Executive Director of villagesokc.org and right is OSJ’s Angel 😇 Myers our Director of Business Expansion! Some of the questions we will be asking Marilyn is What is The GIFT ? What is the Membership of VillageOKC? What Group Trips are coming up? To name just a few of our questions for Marilyn!
BONUS: Marilyn will be speaking at the Informed Senior Seminar (ISS) on April 14th, 2023 in one of our Break Sessions! (See this OSJ E-newsletter for more in Information on ISS!)

Marilyn Olson is Executive Director for VillagesOKC, a nonprofit for mature adults who help each other age successfully by learning, planning and serving which began in 2018. The organization is a community of indidviduals, organizations, and professionals dedicated to empowering independence for aging successfully – with vitality and ppurpose Ms. Olson holds a degree in Education from Southern Nazarene University.  For the past 35 years she’s tackled issues of aging from within several retirement communities, hospitals and nursing homes and as frequent caregiving consultant to families. She has extensive experience as the responsible caregiver for several family members.  At separate times she has been caregiver for a 92-year old Aunt in Medford, an 89 year old uncle in Marlow, and for ten years her 103 year old mother.  Marilyn and her husband say they are enjoying their best decade yet with three grown daughters, their husbands and 10 above-average grandchildren. 



 VillagesOKC office, 3908 N. Peniel Ste 330, Bethany, OK 73008 (405) 990- 6637