3-25-23: Informed Senior Seminar: Sheryl Presley, Director-TRIAD Coordinator Oklahoma City Police Department

21 years and growing strong … The. Informed Senior Seminar (ISS) with complimentary Breakfast, breakout session and a expert panel on protecting your assets! Oklahoma Senior Journal is on the planning committee of this event and Sheryl Presley is the Director and we have lots to tell you about the upcoming seminar not to be missed April 24th, 2023 from 8 am to noon! Free parking free information, free entry, free breakfast & 20+ Door Prizes! Information is knowledge and if you had to pay for this event, it would be well over $100 but it’s free! For more information you can email; Sheryl Presley at: [email protected]
Sheryl Presley became Oklahoma City’s TRIAD Coordinator on October of 1998. This position requires working with the elderly in Oklahoma City; she also works closely with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department in educating the elder citizens of Oklahoma as to their rights, opportunities available to them and laws that may affect their lives. She began her career with the Oklahoma City Police Department on February 1992, as a Detention Officer in the City jail. She served in this capacity for approximately 4 years when she transferred to “CIU”, the Crime Information Unit, in January 1996. Sheryl holds an Associate of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Oklahoma State University. She has held several Fraud Forums for Oklahoma City Police Department and Piedmont Police Department. She has enjoyed a long acquaintance with the Oklahoma City Police Department. She has a son Skyler.
Informed Senior Seminar
Friday April 14 8:30a-12p
OSU/OKC campus
900 N. Portland Avenue, OKC
3rd floor, Student Union
or call Robin 405-816-7889