12-7-23: VillagesOKC members Mary Yarber & Paula Settle!

Left to center is Mary Yarber and Paula Settle both VillagesOKC members, Ambassadors and Volunteers

What is VillagesOKC – “A Plan & Not a Place” and what is The GIFT?  VillagesOKC is a community of individuals, organizations and professionals dedicated to connecting people.  VillagesOKC is empowering independence in mature adults of the 50-Plus age group!

Their core values are LEARN. PLAN. SERVE….. VillagesOKC to me is ( …… ) to each individual.

One of the first steps VillagesOKC members take is to go through the GIFT workshop.  Mary & Paula you both have taken the GIFT workshop even though you had completed an Estate Plan and Trust.  Why? This will be one of the many important factors we will be covering on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour! This Saturday 1/7/23 at 9:05 to 10am on The New “FREEDOM” 96.9FM Talk Radio!

100,000 Watt Station reaching not only Oklahoma but surrounding states!

OKC has always been Mary Yarber‘s home. She married and raised 2 kids who have blessed her with 4 grandchildren. After losing her husband, she went to work for a local nonprofit and retired after serving 22 years. When she retired, Mary wanted to continue being of service. She met Marylin Olson and began to volunteer after participating in many activities. She feels blessed to be a part of VillagesOKC





Paula Settle, an Oklahoma girl born in Anadarko, grew up in Elk City then graduated with a BA in English & Journalism from Southwest Oklahoma University in 1978. Married to John Settle in 1977, now with 3 grown daughters, and 10 grandchildren! Paul co-owned four central KS newspapers for 30 years then co-published and served as Ad Director for 25 years. Paula moved back to Oklahoma in 2018. Paula volunteers at Villages OKC as a relationship ambassador which is helping to promote life-long learning, planning and services others in the metro area.



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