12-10-22: Are You a Family Caregiver? In studio: My Lovely Mama – Bobbie Gray Diffee-Gunn

During the Holidays … Families gather and spend some much needed time together and adult children of their parents will more than likely notice differences in their parents needing a little or a lot of extra help because they haven’t been around during the year other than the holidays. This is a very very important radio show on “caregiving” and what you can do through the many resources that the Oklahoma Senior Journal has within its 100 pages!
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My Mom and Family Caregiver along with me and my brothers for her Mom (Laura Diffee) and as well to our father and Mom beloved Husband Gordon for 13 years. He and my Grandmother are resting in the arms of Jesus now🙏
The OSJ Magazine is a love letter to my family as well as yours!