9-17-22:Dr. Jeni Baker of Ears of Oklahoma in OKC & Ardmore

See our short in Stuidio video with Dr. Baker explaining the new “Earlens”! (Video link here)

Audiologist Dr. Jeni Baker of Ears 👂🏼 of Oklahoma in OKC & Ardmore is in The Rise & Thrive OSJ studios on Sat (tomorrow) at 9:05am on 96.9FM the Eagle 🦅 talking about a brand new device called “Earlens” …. It is ground breaking progress for certain types of hearing  loss!

Dr. Baker explains how you can learn all you need to know about ”Earlens” in a up coming Webinar on September the 19th at noon to 1pm see flyer below of call Dr. Baker’s office at: (405) 673-1327 earsofoklahoma.com
Dr. Jeni Merrick-Baker, Audiologist and owner of Ears of Oklahoma

Dr. Jeni Merrick-Baker, Audiologist and owner of Ears of Oklahoma

Dr. Jeni Merrick-Baker is a clinical audiologist and owner of Ears of Oklahoma.  She completed her undergraduate studies at Oklahoma City University, received her masters and Doctorate degree from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and completed her residency at the Otologic Medical Clinic in Oklahoma City.

From 1999 to 2020, Dr. Merrick-Baker was a clinical audiologist helping patients with vestibular disorders and hearing loss.   She recently opened her own practice in Oklahoma City, Ears of Oklahoma, which serves the Oklahoma City metro and surrounding areas with services including diagnostic testing, Earlens, Hearing aids, and cerumen removal, hearing rehabilitation, hearing conservation and concierge hearing services.  In addition to her practice in Oklahoma City, Dr. Baker has a practice in Ardmore which she opened in 2003. 

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