7-16-22: Dr. Cathi Neal, Author and Founder of Changing Course Foundation

Dr. Cathi Neal, Author and Founder of Changing Course Foundation a 501(3)c Non-Profit has been “Zoomed” in from Davis, Oklahoma to talk about Experiential Therapy (What it is & what are the benefits?) We will “Unpack” that and so MUCH More! …Tune-in this Saturday 7/16/22 on THE NEW 96.9FM The Eagle 🦅 at 9:05am and discover new methods for the new methods in therapy to empower you and your family! Experiential therapy is a therapeutic technique that uses expressive tools and activities, such as role-playing or acting, props, arts and crafts, music, animal care, guided imagery, or various forms of recreation to re-enact and re-experience emotional situations from past and recent relationships. The client focuses on the activities and, through the experience, begins to identify emotions associated with success, disappointment, responsibility, and self-esteem. Under the guidance of a trained experiential therapist, the client can begin to release and explore negative feelings of anger, hurt, or shame as they relate to past experiences that may have been blocked or still linger.

Dr. Cathi Neal
 is the Founder and CEO Changing Course Foundation provides Professional Staff Development, Experiential Therapy, Business and Life Coaching, Individual and Family Counseling. She has worked in the Experiential Learning Field since 1997, Dr. Neal is also a Life Couch and  holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a minor in Forensic Psychology, a Master of Science in Management with a Change Leadership Emphasis, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Christian Counseling.She is a published author of the book titled Genesis: An Addict’s Viewpoint. She is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, and holds Advanced Certifications in Crisis and Abuse Therapy, and Substance Abuse and Addiction Therapy through the National Christian Counselors Association. She is a published author of the book titled Genesis: An Addict’s Viewpoint. Click Here to Order –Order Dr. Cathy Neal’s Book Today!
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