7-30-22: Oklahoma Senior Games! In Studio-Mary Hoass and Kathleen Fitzgerald

That’s Right it is time for The Oklahoma Senior Games again … with over 800 athletes competing this year in 23 different competitions starting in September and running through the end of October 2022! The OSJ Magazine & Radio is a Platinum Sponsor four the las 6 years and “Running”! There is still time to sign up to compete in your sport of choice and as a matter of fact you only need two weeks sign up before the sport you want to compete in begins and you can compete in up to six different competitions per person!
“Hooray for our Senior Athletes!”
In The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour Studio this Saturday 7/30/22 at 9:05am on the NEW 100,000 Watt Station 96.9FM The Eagle 🦅!!! Pictured center is; Mary Hoass the President of the Trosper Archery Club! and Standing Left is; Kathleen Fitzgerald the Executive Director of The Senior Games since 2016! Both ladies are competitors with many medal 🏅 holders around their necks from the Oklahoma Senior Games!

Mary Hoaas is an outdoor enthusiast and President of the Trosper Archery Club. She has a passion for archeryand loves organizing tournaments for all levels of shooters. 🎯

She purchased her first bow on July 3rd 2010 and her obsession with Archery 🏹 began. She shoots indoors, outdoors, compound and recurve, rain or shine and even in the dark 😱!!!


Kathleen Fitzgerald has been the Executive Director for the Oklahoma Senior Games since 2016. During this time the games have increased in athlete participation from 300 to 800. She brings backgrounds in business and education and a love of participating in sports to the games.

She is not a good spectator, she is a competitor!


WEB: http://www.okseniorgames.com

Facebook: facebook.com/SeniorGamesinOklahoma

Phone Number for Oklahoma Senior Games  (405) 821 – 1500


Archery website: oklahomaarchery.org

7-23-22: The Brain Guys Roger Anunsen and Michael Patterson – Brain Experts!

We ZOOMED in The Brain 🧠 Guys from California and Oregon… And posed this question to them … What is Burn 🔥 Out?  We all experienced it at some points in our lives and sometimes more then once … where does it come from and how can we combat or challenge it to teach us something vitally good as our love for Pie??!?!!!  It definitely is a part of life and can teach as many lessons if our perspective is right on!!

This week on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour, Saturday morning at 9:05AM on 96.9FM The Eagle. In studio: My two favorite Brain 🧠 Guys Roger Anunsen and Michael Patterson does an excellent and Fantastic job in helping us understand Burn Out and the expert tools we have right inside our own brains to make delicious fun-filled pie out of Burn 🔥 Out from our brains 🧠 instead of just the empty Pie shell!
Listen this Saturday 7/23/22  morning at 9:05am on 96.9FM The Eagle 🦅 along with our 22,000K+ Listenership for the delicious brain 🧠 worthy OSJ Radio Hour! You can also listen 👂🏼 in on our 16 popular podcast platforms including Goggle, Spotify, Apple 🍎 & i-Pod to just name a few!!

Roger Anunsen,Brain 🧠 Expert!  Roger Anunsen is an award-winning educator, keynote speaker, cognitive intervention program consultant and brain health coach based in Oregon.  Roger is the president of MINDRAMP and introduced the MINDRAMP Method© at the University of Oxford.  He teaches college courses including The Aging Mind & an important course specifically redesigned for this challenging time Virtual Cognitive Activity Design.

Michael and Roger have both had TED Talks and have spoken at the Smithsonian Institution on brain science and aging. They promote the ideas of Refiring and Not Retiring! Live Well and Live Long!


Michael Patterson, Brain 🧠 Expert! Michael C. Patterson is a scholar, educator and speaker who develops programs to promote successful aging, brain health, creativity and quality-of-life. Michael ran the award-winning Staying Sharp program at AARP and is founder and CEO of MINDRAMP Consulting. Michael is a certified brain health coach. He produces and hosts the MINDRAMP Podcast that provides practical advice on how to achieve Qualongevity.




MindRAMP Consulting
Website: mindramp.org
Podcast website: mindramp.buzzsprout.com
M. Patterson email: [email protected]
R. Anunsen email: [email protected]
MindRAMP podcasts are also available on

7-16-22: Dr. Cathi Neal, Author and Founder of Changing Course Foundation

Dr. Cathi Neal, Author and Founder of Changing Course Foundation a 501(3)c Non-Profit has been “Zoomed” in from Davis, Oklahoma to talk about Experiential Therapy (What it is & what are the benefits?) We will “Unpack” that and so MUCH More! …Tune-in this Saturday 7/16/22 on THE NEW 96.9FM The Eagle 🦅 at 9:05am and discover new methods for the new methods in therapy to empower you and your family! Experiential therapy is a therapeutic technique that uses expressive tools and activities, such as role-playing or acting, props, arts and crafts, music, animal care, guided imagery, or various forms of recreation to re-enact and re-experience emotional situations from past and recent relationships. The client focuses on the activities and, through the experience, begins to identify emotions associated with success, disappointment, responsibility, and self-esteem. Under the guidance of a trained experiential therapist, the client can begin to release and explore negative feelings of anger, hurt, or shame as they relate to past experiences that may have been blocked or still linger.

Dr. Cathi Neal
 is the Founder and CEO Changing Course Foundation provides Professional Staff Development, Experiential Therapy, Business and Life Coaching, Individual and Family Counseling. She has worked in the Experiential Learning Field since 1997, Dr. Neal is also a Life Couch and  holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a minor in Forensic Psychology, a Master of Science in Management with a Change Leadership Emphasis, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Christian Counseling.She is a published author of the book titled Genesis: An Addict’s Viewpoint. She is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, and holds Advanced Certifications in Crisis and Abuse Therapy, and Substance Abuse and Addiction Therapy through the National Christian Counselors Association. She is a published author of the book titled Genesis: An Addict’s Viewpoint. Click Here to Order –Order Dr. Cathy Neal’s Book Today!
Dr. Cathi Neal ~ 214-477-2673
Personal & Business Consultant/Author/Founder of Changing Course Foundation
Office: 580-368-3030




twitter @changingcoursef

Cell:   214-477-2673

Office: 580-368-3030

Email     [email protected]


7-9-22: Dennis Helm with Smooth Finish Roofing- 35 Years in business!

Smooth Finish Roofing & Construction, Since 1987 … That is Right 35 Years in Business in the State of O•K•L•A•H•O•M•A … where the storms ⛈ come sweeping down the Plains! Dennis Helm is at the Helm of Smooth Finish Roofing & Construction and has a A+ with the Better Business Bureau and is the Red Cross disaster relief restoration partner!

Dennis got his license as #242 in the State of Oklahoma and now there are more than 5600 and some out of state company’s come in town and get a license # and are gone after the sale. This is NOT GOOD!
It is imperative that you use a local company like Smooth Finish Roofing and Construction for any in issues you may have come up… You want a local in state long standing company!
Dennis will also work with your insurance company and after 35 years he is more than ~ Qualified!
Tune in this Saturday at 9:05am on the NEW 96.9FM The Eagle 🦅 for tips and education… you never knew … Yours Truly the Host learned a Truck Load of new vital information !

Dennis Helm of Smooth Finish Roofing & Construction, Since 1987 along with the Helm Family

Founder & Co-Founder of Smooth Finish Roofing & Construction Dennis & Lisa Helm!

Red Cross-Disaster Relief Partners       BBB A+ Better Business Bureau       Villages OKC

Trusted & Proven in Senior Advocacy    -Established in 1987-

City of Oklahoma City General Contractors

License # OKC 13705

State of Oklahoma Roofing Registration

Construction Industries Board

CIB # 80000242

Fully Insured For Your Protection

Smooth Finish Roofing and Construction

a division of Able Roofing & Restoration LLC

Smooth Finish Roofing and Construction

5412 Butte Road, Edmond, Oklahoma 73025


(405) 923-5127

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