6-4-22: Ariel Delgado-author, corporate chaplain, international speaker – PART 2

Ariel Delgado author corporate chaplain in international and national speaker! His book is: The Wounded Child a Real Life Story of Healing and Hope!

PART 2 of this Specific show from author, corporate chaplain and international and national speaker, Ariel Delgado there was so much on the first show on May the 21st (PART 1) We had to have Ariel Delgado Back and we are unpacking more of the onion layers of his life and how you as the listener can be sat free from “The Wounded Child … A Real Life Story of Healing ❤️‍🩹 & Hope! Ariel’s Book📕!

We dive in deeper to this complex subject. No matter your age after you become 18 until you’re 118 there is a wounded child inside of all of us and that wounded child can be reached! Broken People can not see clearly from the cracks that were made in their lives but the adult now can start the road to healing ❤️‍🩹 those broken parts! This is so much more then a eye

opening show … it will bring about changes if you are open to the change that as a child … it was NOT your fault but as a adult… NOW you have tools!

Ariel Delgado is of Uruguayan nationality, but is currently based in  Oklahoma. He is husband to Viviana and ather to 4 children. His passion through the years has been the development of leaders in different industries in the US. Nothing in his life has equaled his passion for God, Jesus, and helping restore families. His vision is to bring a message of family restoration to every corner of the world.


Ariel and Viviana Delgado wedding in May of 2021 and Yours Truly Attended!




The Delgado Family!

The Delgado Family!

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