4-16-22: Are You a Family Caregiver? PART 2! In studio: My Lovely Mama – Bobbie Gray Diffee-Gunn

This is my Beloved Mom (Bobbie Gray Diffee Gunn) and along with her, myself and my three brothers we were my Dad’s (Gordon Carl Gunn’s) Family Caregivers for for 13 Years…. Dad was diagnosed with dementia/Alzheimer’s in 2004. We started noticing small things as early as 2002. This is Part 2 of last week’s Part 1 on family caregiving (240,000 plus in the state of Oklahoma alone) AND THEY NEED HELP & RESOURCES ~ Just Like we did. That is what the OSJ print/ digital magazine is for along with these OSJ Radio Shows and the Secondhalfexpo.com 

We became experts in our field on family caregiving and what we have to share can help you & your loved ones as well.
Mom and I have been ask to speak at many luncheons, retirement communities, churches and organizations.
We are available to yours … we charge nothing and what to bring you some peace with our knowledge… it has become a mission.
All the ways you can reach us: