4-30-22: Kay Stout, Career transition and outplacement consultant & member of VillagesOKC

Kay Stout (pictured left) is a career transition and outplacement consultant.  She has developed three successful non profit organizations, been a radio host on KTOC, was chairman of Sales and Marketing Executives International Dinner and one of the first to adopt linked-in.

At Second Chance Animal Sanctuary, Kay was part of the documentary “The Dogs of Lexington” (Nominated for an Academy award) that validates not only the connection between dogs and humans but also the value of a shelter dog and a prisoner who are given a second chance.

Kay’s administrative skills and passion for rescuing animals impacted over 14,000 pets in many states.

Kay is also a member of VillageOKC it’s a plan and not a  place so not only will we be talking about Kay’s personal history on the OSJ / radio hour. We are asking Kay what it’s like to be a member of VillagesOKC.org

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4-23-22: Part 3: “Family Caregiving” with my Fabulous Mama (Bobbie Gray Diffee-Gunn) and me, Robin Gunn

PART 3 of Family Caregiving with my Fabulous Mama (Bobbie Gray Diffee-Gunn)  … We just spoke last week at the OPHC (Oklahoma Professionals for Home Care) and we are speaking next Thursday at a Family Caregiver Breakfast Group that meets at Cattlemen’s … Plus you can listen to PART 3 of Family Caregiving with myself & my Mom this Saturday 4/23/22 morning at 9:05am on the NEW 96.9FM The Eagle 🦅 ! 
Also as the owner of the OSJ magazine for the last 30 years and The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour for the last 6 years … We ARE The 1# experts in our Field on ANY issues / resources for the 50-Plus and for those that 💜 Love, Care & Serve them! The OSJ / Editor (yours truly) is also a “Veiwpoint” Sunday Oklahoman Columnist and these last three OSJ Radio Shows on Family Caregiving are Additions to our columns in the 2nd Sunday of The  Oklahoman!  Here is the digital version Article we ran in this Easter Sunday Oklahoman Newspaper on 4/17/22; https://www.oklahoman.com/story/opinion/2022/04/17/viewpoint-palliative-hospice-can-help-patients-families/7287939001/
Dad (Gordon Carl Gunn) was diagnosed with dementia/Alzheimer’s in 2004 and this was the last vacation we got to take with him! We Took care of him for 8 1/2 years at home and part-time for 5 1/2 years at the VA Center!
The sandwich generation is a group of middle-aged adults who care for both their aging parents and their own children. It is not a specific generation or cohort in the sense of the Greatest generation or Baby boomers, but a phenomenon that can affect
 anyone whose parents and children need support at the same time.

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4-16-22: Are You a Family Caregiver? PART 2! In studio: My Lovely Mama – Bobbie Gray Diffee-Gunn

This is my Beloved Mom (Bobbie Gray Diffee Gunn) and along with her, myself and my three brothers we were my Dad’s (Gordon Carl Gunn’s) Family Caregivers for for 13 Years…. Dad was diagnosed with dementia/Alzheimer’s in 2004. We started noticing small things as early as 2002. This is Part 2 of last week’s Part 1 on family caregiving (240,000 plus in the state of Oklahoma alone) AND THEY NEED HELP & RESOURCES ~ Just Like we did. That is what the OSJ print/ digital magazine is for along with these OSJ Radio Shows and the Secondhalfexpo.com 

We became experts in our field on family caregiving and what we have to share can help you & your loved ones as well.
Mom and I have been ask to speak at many luncheons, retirement communities, churches and organizations.
We are available to yours … we charge nothing and what to bring you some peace with our knowledge… it has become a mission.
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4-9-22: Are You a Family Caregiver? In studio: My Lovely Mama – Bobbie Gray Diffee-Gunn

As some of you may know I am writing once a month in the The Oklahoma on “Family Caregiving” (pictured above is my Favorite Mama Bobbie Gunn, a devoted family caregiver along with myself.) We provide other important resources for the 50 Plus and their families along with services that care for the 50+ !
The Second Sunday of every month I write a column in the Oklahoman “Veiw Point” Section!
We also wanted to share what our personal family caregiving expert experience with my Dad for 8 1/2 years at home Gordon Carl Gunn when along with that experience.
After we put him into a Veterans center after we care for him at home that had a wing for memory care we visited my Dad anywhere from 3 to 4 days a week so we were very heavily involved with his care even in memory care. We also found support groups at the veteran’s center and Support groups are vital for the family and in many hospice’s, home care,  assisted living,  retirement communities and churches provide support groups for family caregivers!
Today’s OSJ Radio Show show will be on life experiences that we experienced as family caregivers with my dad with Dementia and Alzheimer’s diagnosis’s.
There are 240,000+ family care caregivers in the state of Oklahoma alone!
They need the Oklahoma Senior Journal’s expert help along with myself! Okseniorjournal.com

[email protected] (405) 816-7889 … I personally work with families myself into the hundreds after the last 30 years we started in 1993!

My photos of my Parents Though the years: 
Dementia Years with Dad … A total of 13 years. Left to right (top row) my brother; Greg C. Gunn, Nathan W. Gunn, the Me, My Mama Bobbie Gray Diffee-Gunn & My Papa (Gordon Carl Gunn and My Brother Phillip B.Gunn.
Bobbie & Gordon Gunn (my beloved Parents) 50th wedding anniversary and before Dad was diagnosed.
Mom & Dad’s Wedding Day in Bethany, Oklahoma in 1955.
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