2-26-22: Jerry Flowers the owner of UWD (Unique Wellness Dispensary) & Jennifer Waters photographer


What are “Penny Packs” Well we will answer that on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour this Saturday 2/26/22 on the NEW Eagle 🦅 96.9FM
Left Above: Jennifer Waters; wife, mother, grandmother & photographer and was having to live in Extreme pain in on a walker until she found her custom medical treatment through UWD medical cannabis stores in owner Jerry Flowers!
Center & the Right: Jerry Flowers the owner of UWD (Unique Wellness Dispensary) is the founder and the investor of the “Penny Pack” there are over 150 components to the cannabis flower that do not have THC in them but have mighty healing powers. Jerry Flowers is a long time researcher and has put together “Penny Packs” that can help you with all kinds of health  & wellness issues until he finds the perfect combination it only cost you a penny for the packets he puts together! 
Jennifer Waters – photography for Oklahoma tourism!
Jennifer Waters

Jerry Flowers & his wife Laster plus Jerry & Laster Flower’s Family!

2-19-22: Master Sergeant Brian Sacawa-US Army Field Band

Master Sergeant Brian Sacawa/US Army Field Band is on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour Saturday 2/19/22 at 9:05 am on The NEW Eagle 🦅 96.9FM and our first question right out of the shoot is: What is The US Army Field Band mission:
Master Sergeant Brian Sacawa is originally from Schenectady, New York and currently serves as Saxophone Section Leader and Saxophone Quartet Group Leader. Called “an inventive musician” (The New York Times), “inspired” (The Washington Post), and “brilliant” (Baltimore Sun), his versatile career has led to performances with ensembles such as the Detroit Symphony, New World Symphony, and St. Petersburg Philharmonic.


Two FREE Performances:

First: (Monday) February 28th at OCCC  beginning at 7:30pm 

LOCATION:  Visual & Performing Arts Center

For FREE tickets call 405-325-4101 .
SECOND FREE concert ARMY FIELD BAND Tuesday, March 1st
at Catlett Music Center – Paul F. Sharp Concert Hall on The University of Oklahoma campus in Norman, show time 7:30pm, for tickets call 405-325-4101


2-12-22: Amy Frazier – singer-songwriter, musician and Founder of her nonprofit CNOW, Inc.

Amy Frazier is a singer-songwriter, musician and Founder of a nonprofit.  Amy serves as a Worship Leader at Westmoore Community Church in Oklahoma City.  She has been in worship ministry for several years and has a passion to equip, encourage and empower worshippers in ministry.  Amy is the Founder of CNOW, Inc., which stands for, City Night of Worship.  She spends most of her time working with her nonprofit and reaching leaders in various cities around Oklahoma City and beyond.  CNOW also educates leaders through their ministry app called CNOW, INC.  It’s a free download and is available in all Apple, Amazon and Google store!

Amy Frazier has several albums you can download https://www.amyfrazier.com/m

PLUS AMY 🎶 SINGS 🎶 FOR US ON THE RISE & THRIVE OSJ RADIO HOUR tomorrow at 9:05am on The Eagle 🦅 96.9FM

Amy’s contact and her nonprofits contact information:

2-5-22: Care Talk Part 3: Family Caregiving with Bobbie Gray Diffee-Gunn and Robin Gunn

CARE TALK Part 3 (family caregiving).  Pictured L to R is My Mom Bobbie Gray Diffee-Gunn and The Me!

What could be more important than the ones we love? Their health and happiness are never far from our minds. When considering how to care for a dearly loved one, there are few challenges that would inhibit us from helping them in the best way. Family caregiving is one of the paths many will have to walk down when dealing with their loved one’s needs.
This is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart. I know firsthand what goes into being a family caregiver. I intimately assisted in the care of my ailing father, Gordon C. Gunn, for close to 13 years. He suffered from dementia, and we as a family took it upon ourselves to care for his ever-changing daily needs and concerns. Subsequently, I have been dedicated to assisting others to walk this path with as much strength, wisdom and dignity possible.
The OSJ Editor & Publisher is now also a Columnist for the Oklahoman The second Sunday of every month in the viewpoint section! We are covering for several theories and articles on family caregiving! 
Here is January 8th column article link: https://bit.ly/3JVP0Pm
Next OSJ/Robin Gunn informative article will be 2/12/22 in the Sunday Oklahoman “ViewPoint” section continuing on with our series on family caregiving! 240,000+ in the State of Oklahoma Alone!
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