1-15-22: Germaine Odenheimer M.D. – Geriatric Neurologist

In studio this week on the new 96.9FM The Eagle, we have Germaine Odenheimer M.D. on the Rise and Thrive radio hour. Germaine is a Geriatric Neurologist, Professor Emeritus at OU College of Medicine. Her career was devoted to people with dementia and their caregivers and became caregiver for her mother with dementia.

Dr. Odenheimer pictured with her mother who was the inspiration behind the Memory Garden.

She was recruited to OU College of Medicine to develop a geriatric curriculum for medical students and focused her teaching on recognizing and caring for people with cognitive impairments. She required all her medical students to participate in Alzheimer support groups.

When she “retired” in 2017 it was from the bureaucracy of medicine. She has maintained her license and continues to stay very engaged as an advocate for those suffering with dementia and their caregivers.

A few of the questions we will be asking Dr. Odenheimer are, “Dr Odenheimer, I understand you have some concerns about people with dementia and their caregivers being scammed. Why is that? How did you stumble on the current scam you are here to discuss?” Listen in and hear the answers to these and many other questions that will help you avoid being scammed!