1-29-22: Bob Loudermilk and Robin Gunn Talk About the Second Half Expo 2022!

Left to right: top Left is the OSJ Radio Producer Jake Robnett and right is Bob Loudermlik a 20 year veteran and event production! We did a “Zoom” Radio show this week with Bob Loudermlik of the “Second Half Expo” fame alone with yours truly (me) this last October 16th, 2021 with over 1000+ attending and also all most 100 vendors booths held at the National Cowboy 🤠 & Western Heritage Museum … we also did a 2 hour remote that day from the event on the NEW 96.9FM 100,000 watt station still The 🦅 Eagle! This is on only Dave Ramsey network station in our market! The OSJ has over 22K listenership every Saturday morning at 9:05am and our audience listenership will grow on the new eagle 96.9 FM station! Bringing more resources to the 50+, the sandwich generation, adult children of the 50+ as well as those that love and serve them!

Bob Loudermilk and I are going to be talking about what is in store for 2022 for the Oklahoma Senior Journal and how we are partnering together to bring more resources to you and your family! AND YES 🙌🏼… we will be having a 2022 second half expo same location national cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in October will get you the exact date in the next few weeks!

Bob Loudermilk – The entrepreneurial drive grabbed a hold of Bob Loudermilk when he was just 13, leading him to start a neighborhood newspaper and selling them door to door. Since that time, Bob’s career has had a few twists and turns, but at the heart of it has always been his desire to serve his community and help others succeed. Bob has been in the event business for over 20 years, planning and organizing meaningful seminars and expos around the country. He and his family moved to Oklahoma City over 5 years ago to be near his wife’s father, Jerry Cutter, who just celebrated his 91st birthday.

We’ll be talking about the October, 2022 Second Half Expo, as well as the many resources that are available through the Oklahoma Senior Journal, including our events, our app and website and our weekly radio show.

We will be asking questions like; (just to name a few)

  • ROBIN, you’ve been doing this for about 30 years. What was your vision when you created the very first issue of the Oklahoma Senior Journal and what needs were you trying to meet?
  • ROBIN, you talk a lot about “the sandwich generation.” Will you give us a little insight on what that means and how the OSJ Media packages can be a valuable resource for this generation?

web: secondhalfexpo.com

1-22-22: Pam Redline the owner of Brain Builder Pro teams up with VillagesOKC

This week on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour, Saturday morning at 9:05AM. Pam Redline the owner of Brain Builder Pro teams up with VillagesOKC

Pam Redline is the owner of Brain Builder Pros., a neurological rehabilitation company. She has twenty years of experience in brain health. Her passion for learning inspired her to seek further education and certification in two brain health fields: Brain Integration Therapy and Cognitive Wellness Coaching. She has teamed up with VillagesOK. Together they have created The Brain Academy.

The Brain 🧠 Academy Classes are brought to you by: VillagesOKC – A Plan not a Place! (Touch flyer to make larger)

If you would like to be apart of the Brain Academy that starts on February 3, 2022 at the Edmond Parks & Recreation Center please register at phone number 405.990.6637



1-15-22: Germaine Odenheimer M.D. – Geriatric Neurologist

In studio this week on the new 96.9FM The Eagle, we have Germaine Odenheimer M.D. on the Rise and Thrive radio hour. Germaine is a Geriatric Neurologist, Professor Emeritus at OU College of Medicine. Her career was devoted to people with dementia and their caregivers and became caregiver for her mother with dementia.

Dr. Odenheimer pictured with her mother who was the inspiration behind the Memory Garden.

She was recruited to OU College of Medicine to develop a geriatric curriculum for medical students and focused her teaching on recognizing and caring for people with cognitive impairments. She required all her medical students to participate in Alzheimer support groups.

When she “retired” in 2017 it was from the bureaucracy of medicine. She has maintained her license and continues to stay very engaged as an advocate for those suffering with dementia and their caregivers.

A few of the questions we will be asking Dr. Odenheimer are, “Dr Odenheimer, I understand you have some concerns about people with dementia and their caregivers being scammed. Why is that? How did you stumble on the current scam you are here to discuss?” Listen in and hear the answers to these and many other questions that will help you avoid being scammed!

1-8-22: I Am a Family Caregiver PART 2 … with Bobbie Gray Diffee-Gunn

“I Am a Family Caregiver PART 2 …. in the studio with my sweet mama Bobbie Gray Diffee-Gunn giving out more vital information about being a family caregiver this is our part two in our series!  There are over 240,000+ family caregivers in Oklahoma! OSJ has over 6000 resources for family caregivers. On the new 96.9 fm signal! Saturday at 9am!
 Bobbie Gunn was the main caregiver to her husband and my dad, Gordon Carl Gunn, for 8 1/2 years. He spent the next five years at the VA center where we visited him almost every day. My brothers and I were very hands with his caregiving during the time dad was home.

My mom and I at lunch after the OSJ radio show at Pizzeria Gusto. This is a great place to eat! Ask for Megan Hines when you go in and tell her you know Robin Gunn!

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