8-7-21: The Oklahoma Senior Games- Jim Short Table Tennis Champion and Coach

It is TIME for the Oklahoma Senior Games and the OSJ Magazine • Radio & App is a “Platinum Sponsor” for the Last Four Years and who we have in the OSJ Radio Station is Jim Short Table Tennis 🏓 (AKA Ping Pong) Champion and Coach. Jim has well over 100 Champion Metals in his Career !!! OkSeniorGames.com. This week on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour, Saturday morning at 9:05AM on KZLS The Eagle 1640AM. 

Jim Short started playing table tennis at a boy’s club in 1970, shortly after moving to Oklahoma as a young lad from Nebraska. Shortly after he joined a local table tennis club and began to take the sport seriously.  During his playing career he has won numerous events in Oklahoma and around the country, including multiple Senior Games medals.  He has been a coach for wheelchair players and can play players while sitting in a chair.   He is retired from the IT industry and lives with his wife and cat.

the Senior Games are from September the 4th, 2021 through October 30th, 2021

You must sign up for what game event you want to compete in 2 weeks before the event … and YES 🙌🏼 You can sign up for multiple game events!



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