5-22-21: Mortgage Expert James Watkins with Centennial Home Mortgage

Is it “Fritter Friday” on a Saturday in The Rise and Thrive OSJ Radio Hour this Saturday 5/22/21 at 9:03am on KZLS The Eagle 1640AM. In studio: our Mortgage Expert James Watkins with Locally Owned Centennial Home Mortgage Covering not Only Oklahoma but Florida, Colorado and Kansas! There is New Information on Home Mortgages that You Need to be Educated on!

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James Watkins: I was born in Hot Springs AR. Grew up in a small town called Mena, my parents were in the restaurant business for many years and then my Dad got in to Aviation with some partners. I had a well rounded child hood, got to experience many things. Started in the mortgage business in 1997 in Hot Springs AR. Moved to Oklahoma City in 1998 with a First Greensboro Home Equity, buying loans from mortgage brokers throughout the state. Went back to the broker side and haven’t looked back. Mortgage loans are my passion and being able to help someone achieve their dream.

Look for James 350 word article in the next Oklahoma Senior Journal 29th Year Issue!


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