5-29-21: Roger Anunsen and Michael Patterson – Brain Experts!

What is Burn 🔥 Out … We all experienced it at some points in our lives and sometimes more then once … where does it come from and how can we combat or challenge it to teach us something vitally good as our love for Pie??!?!!!  It definitely is a part of life and can teach as many lessons if our perspective is right on!!
This week on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour, Saturday morning at 9:05AM on KZLS The Eagle 1640AM. In studio: My two favorite Brain 🧠 Guys Roger Anunsen and Michael Patterson does an excellent and Fantastic job in helping us understand Burn Out and the expert tools we have right inside our own brains to make delicious fun-filled pie out of Burn 🔥 Out from our brains 🧠 instead of just the empty Pie shell!

Roger Anunsen,Brain 🧠 Expert!  Roger Anunsen is an award-winning educator, keynote speaker, cognitive intervention program consultant and brain health coach based in Oregon.  Roger is the president of MINDRAMP and introduced the MINDRAMP Method© at the University of Oxford.  He teaches college courses including The Aging Mind & an important course specifically redesigned for this challenging time Virtual Cognitive Activity Design.

Michael and Roger have both had TED Talks and have spoken at the Smithsonian Institution on brain science and aging. They promote the ideas of Refiring and Not Retiring! Live Well and Live Long!



Michael Patterson, Brain 🧠 Expert! Michael C. Patterson is a scholar, educator and speaker who develops programs to promote successful aging, brain health, creativity and quality-of-life. Michael ran the award-winning Staying Sharp program at AARP and is founder and CEO of MINDRAMP Consulting. Michael is a certified brain health coach. He produces and hosts the MINDRAMP Podcast that provides practical advice on how to achieve Qualongevity.




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5-22-21: Mortgage Expert James Watkins with Centennial Home Mortgage

Is it “Fritter Friday” on a Saturday in The Rise and Thrive OSJ Radio Hour this Saturday 5/22/21 at 9:03am on KZLS The Eagle 1640AM. In studio: our Mortgage Expert James Watkins with Locally Owned Centennial Home Mortgage Covering not Only Oklahoma but Florida, Colorado and Kansas! There is New Information on Home Mortgages that You Need to be Educated on!

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James Watkins: I was born in Hot Springs AR. Grew up in a small town called Mena, my parents were in the restaurant business for many years and then my Dad got in to Aviation with some partners. I had a well rounded child hood, got to experience many things. Started in the mortgage business in 1997 in Hot Springs AR. Moved to Oklahoma City in 1998 with a First Greensboro Home Equity, buying loans from mortgage brokers throughout the state. Went back to the broker side and haven’t looked back. Mortgage loans are my passion and being able to help someone achieve their dream.

Look for James 350 word article in the next Oklahoma Senior Journal 29th Year Issue!


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5-15-21: Dallas Slough, marketing entrepreneur, Founder of Partnership Web Apps Marketing

This week on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour, Saturday morning at 9:05AM on KZLS The Eagle 1640AM. In studio: Dallas Slough, marketing entrepreneur, Founder of Partnership Web Apps Marketing takes a Profit Mobile Approach for his customers that has a proven track record of success. Dallas is a speaker, author, entrepreneur, business developer and has created hundreds websites, apps, and online businesses.

Dallas Slough is a Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Business Developer and has Created Hundreds of Websites, Apps & Online Businesses … if you are a business owner and don’t know much about the Social Media Marketing and how Marketing Through Social Media Platforms can Improve Your  Bottom Line This is the Show for You to Listen to! BTW – Dallas’s Personal Story is one of what Miracles come from!
Partnership web apps.com
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1-(800) 687-8589

5-8-21: Dr. C. V. Ramana with NAADI Health Clinic

This week on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour, Saturday morning at 9:05AM on KZLS The Eagle 1640AM. In studio: Dr. CV Ramana NAADI Health Clinic has over 20 years of experience and has answers to all the questions below regarding amputees. He can answer this vital questions without having to have any type of amputee done with today’s technology and a lot of these procedures are super simple and covered by insurance. It can give you back your life as you used to know it!

1) Do you have cramping or pain in your legs and feet? Do you have restless leg syndrome?
2) Do your feet stay cold, pale or discolored? Have you noticed loss of hair in your legs?
3) Do you have sores or wounds in your lower legs or feet that are slow to heal?
4)  Do you have fungal infections of your toenails?
5) Are you diabetic? Do you smoke? Do you have hypertension, obesity, or high cholesterol?
6). Do you have neuropathy in your feet?
7) Have you had a blood clot in your legs? Do you have persistent swelling in your legs or “weeping” legs?
8) Do you have painful varicose veins?
Plus Dr Ramana’s NAADI Heath Clinic is administering free Covid vaccinations just call for an appointment !

Dr. C. V. Ramana is a vascular and interventional radiologist with more than 20 years of practice experience. He has expertise in all areas of vascular and interventional radiology. Dr. Ramana has a Ph.D. from Yale University and MD from CWRU School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio. He then had residency training in Internal Medicine and Diagnostic Radiology, followed by a Fellowship in Vascular and Interventional Radiology at the Cleveland Clinic.
Naadi Healthcare

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