7-25-20: Native Cannabis Company’s owners, Brandi & Kyle

What do we have growing in the OSJ Radio Studio this Saturday morning and what is Vertical Integration mean? Let’s find out together! This show promises to educate you on the real benefits when it comes to medical cannabis. Tune-in at 9:05am on The Eagle 🦅 KZLS 1640AM!

In studio: Native Cannabis Company not only has a Local Medical “All Organic” Dispensary at 1444 N. Kelly Ave in Edmond 73003 but they also have a growing farm (for the last three years), lab where they make all their own medicine products and they produce it all as well! Their hands do everything from the growing farm, to the lab, to production and then to their store front! Left to Right is Brandi & Kyle (married for 12 years) are the owners of Native Cannabis Co.!
Why are Brandi & Kyle involved with everything from start to finish because they have a passion to make sure medical marijuana stays as a pure legitimate product and as long as they are producing it … IT WILL!

 Kyle & Brandi of Native Cannabis Company is an Oklahoma family owned business, financed entirely with personal and local investments. Our family farm is located in the beautiful Cross Timbers region of East Central Oklahoma providing a unique Ecoregion perfect for the cultivation of high quality, connoisseur grade cannabis. Their location also makes them perfectly situated to serve and supply our dispensary partners across the entire state. Their Mission and their goals are to redefine what patients and dispensaries can expect from a high quality cannabis product. They are driven by passion to legitimize this industry, and their desire as a company is to provide quality and professionalism while maintaining sustainable and organic growing practices. Kyle & Brandi are cultivating a one-of-a-kind experience for the patients who purchase their products, and most importantly, they are unwavering in their passion to bring the best cannabis products to all Oklahomans in need of quality medicine. They truly produce “Oklahoma’s Finest Medicinal Products”!

Instagram: @nativecannabiscompany 
Phone Number: (405) 216-3547 (curbside orders too!) 
1444 N. Kelly Ave. Edmond, OK 73003