07-18-20: Oklahoma Sr Games athlete Rocky Arrington and volunteer coordinator Marcella Morgan

We have a Real Oklahoma Senior Games 2020 Pickleball Athlete – Rocky Arrington and the Senior Games Volunteer Coordinator – Marcella Morgan … On The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio 📻 Hour this Saturday 7/18/20 at 9:05am on KZLS The Eagle 🦅 1640AM. Senior Games are from September 5th – November 4th, 2020

Rocky Arrington, retired educator (42 years), sports official (35 years), volunteer (6 years), Pickleball hound (6 years).  Of course his greatest accomplishment is being a Christian, husband, and father.  Currently he is serving Pickleball as a USAPA Ambassador, Greater Oklahoma City Pickleball Club site monitor at Santa Fe Family Life Center, and VP on the GOPB Board.

1. Has participated in two state game events
2. Has participated in one Senior State Games National Tournament
3. Participates in Pickleball
4. Recognizes the value of an active life style as a senior
5. Believes in the value of interaction among seniors
6. Believes that Pickleball is an activity that promotes health and community
7. Believes in the value of teaching seniors through the game

Marcella Morgan is a native of San Jose, California and moved here with her mother Linda Morgan in late 2011. She has a passion for volunteering and serving the community.  Marcella is very active in several organizations where she uses her leadership skills to help others. As an entrepreneur she works to bring people together through her crafting classes with her business, Cella & Me Creations. She has been an athlete all of her life and is happy to be volunteering with the Oklahoma Senior Games this year!



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