8-1-20: Michael Patterson & Roger Anunson from MINDRAMP

Not From the Horse’s Mouth this Time … But from the Minds 🧠 (and their mouths too!) of our 6th OSJ Radio Hour Show with Michael Patterson & Roger Anunson from MINDRAMP.org. We “Zoomed” them in from LA California and Portland Oregon … The Brain Guys! Our Show is Entitled “Mature Creativity” Tune-in to Learn More this Saturday 8/1/20 at 9:05am on The Eagle 🦅 KZLS 1640AM

Michael C. Patterson is a scholar, educator and speaker who develops programs to promote successful aging, brain health, creativity and quality-of-life. Michael ran the award-winning Staying Sharp program at AARP and is founder and CEO of MINDRAMP Consulting. Michael is a certified brain health coach. He produces and hosts the MINDRAMP Podcast that provides practical advice on how to achieve Qualongevity.

Roger Anunsen is an award-winning educator, keynote speaker, cognitive intervention designer, program consultant and brain health coach based in Oregon.  Roger is the president of MINDRAMP and introduced the MINDRAMP Method© at the University of Oxford.  He teaches college courses including The Aging Mind & an important course specifically redesigned for this challenging time Virtual Cognitive Activity Design.

Michael and Roger have both had TED Talks and have spoken at the Smithsonian Institution on brain science and aging. They promote the ideas of Refiring and Not Retiring! Live Well and Live Long!

MindRAMP Consulting
Website: mindramp.org
Podcast website: mindramp.buzzsprout.com
M. Patterson email: patterson@mindramp.org
R. Anunsen email: ranunsen@mindramp.org
MindRAMP podcasts are also available on

7-25-20: Native Cannabis Company’s owners, Brandi & Kyle

What do we have growing in the OSJ Radio Studio this Saturday morning and what is Vertical Integration mean? Let’s find out together! This show promises to educate you on the real benefits when it comes to medical cannabis. Tune-in at 9:05am on The Eagle 🦅 KZLS 1640AM!

In studio: Native Cannabis Company not only has a Local Medical “All Organic” Dispensary at 1444 N. Kelly Ave in Edmond 73003 but they also have a growing farm (for the last three years), lab where they make all their own medicine products and they produce it all as well! Their hands do everything from the growing farm, to the lab, to production and then to their store front! Left to Right is Brandi & Kyle (married for 12 years) are the owners of Native Cannabis Co.!
Why are Brandi & Kyle involved with everything from start to finish because they have a passion to make sure medical marijuana stays as a pure legitimate product and as long as they are producing it … IT WILL!

 Kyle & Brandi of Native Cannabis Company is an Oklahoma family owned business, financed entirely with personal and local investments. Our family farm is located in the beautiful Cross Timbers region of East Central Oklahoma providing a unique Ecoregion perfect for the cultivation of high quality, connoisseur grade cannabis. Their location also makes them perfectly situated to serve and supply our dispensary partners across the entire state. Their Mission and their goals are to redefine what patients and dispensaries can expect from a high quality cannabis product. They are driven by passion to legitimize this industry, and their desire as a company is to provide quality and professionalism while maintaining sustainable and organic growing practices. Kyle & Brandi are cultivating a one-of-a-kind experience for the patients who purchase their products, and most importantly, they are unwavering in their passion to bring the best cannabis products to all Oklahomans in need of quality medicine. They truly produce “Oklahoma’s Finest Medicinal Products”!

Instagram: @nativecannabiscompany 
Phone Number: (405) 216-3547 (curbside orders too!) 
1444 N. Kelly Ave. Edmond, OK 73003

07-18-20: Oklahoma Sr Games athlete Rocky Arrington and volunteer coordinator Marcella Morgan

We have a Real Oklahoma Senior Games 2020 Pickleball Athlete – Rocky Arrington and the Senior Games Volunteer Coordinator – Marcella Morgan … On The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio 📻 Hour this Saturday 7/18/20 at 9:05am on KZLS The Eagle 🦅 1640AM. Senior Games are from September 5th – November 4th, 2020

Rocky Arrington, retired educator (42 years), sports official (35 years), volunteer (6 years), Pickleball hound (6 years).  Of course his greatest accomplishment is being a Christian, husband, and father.  Currently he is serving Pickleball as a USAPA Ambassador, Greater Oklahoma City Pickleball Club site monitor at Santa Fe Family Life Center, and VP on the GOPB Board.

1. Has participated in two state game events
2. Has participated in one Senior State Games National Tournament
3. Participates in Pickleball
4. Recognizes the value of an active life style as a senior
5. Believes in the value of interaction among seniors
6. Believes that Pickleball is an activity that promotes health and community
7. Believes in the value of teaching seniors through the game

Marcella Morgan is a native of San Jose, California and moved here with her mother Linda Morgan in late 2011. She has a passion for volunteering and serving the community.  Marcella is very active in several organizations where she uses her leadership skills to help others. As an entrepreneur she works to bring people together through her crafting classes with her business, Cella & Me Creations. She has been an athlete all of her life and is happy to be volunteering with the Oklahoma Senior Games this year!



The Oklahoma Senior Games

Oklahoma Senior Games Registration Book

To receive the registration booklet   email: info@OKSeniorGames.com  or call 405-821-1500

Website:  www.OKSeniorGames.com

Facebook:  SeniorGamesinOklahoma

7-11-20: Destini McAlister, Author of “Set Free”

This week on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour, in the OSJ Radio Studio this Saturday at 9:05am on The Eagle 🦅 1640AM KZLS with Local Oklahoma Author Destini McAlister her Book is: Set Free – A Childhood Memoir which Outlines her Turbulent Childhood & Shows Readers what Children from Trauma Need More of in Order to Become Thriving Adults.

Destini McAlister an Author and a 36 year old Christian, wife of seventeen years and homeschool mother to three. She has a passion for advocating for vulnerable youth and adoptees. One of the ways she has recently accomplished this is by publishing her childhood memoir; “Set Free” which outlines her turbulent childhood and shows readers what children from trauma need more of in order to become thriving adults.

Born into a family saturated with generational trauma, Destini’s case file with child protective services began when she was only seven months old. In her own words and unique perspective, Destini shares her vivid and detailed memories of her experience navigating child abuse, kinship care, foster care and finding a future despite the broken pieces of the past. Through all the secrets, confusion, twists and turns of her complex childhood, Destini’s story is one of hope for trauma survivors…a hope that through consistent love, support, and faith in Christ, we all can be set free.

Website/Book link: destinisetfree.wixsite.com/mysite

Email: Destini.setfree@gmail.com

Instagram: @Destini.Set.Free

7-4-20: VALLIANCE Bank: Karissa Suchy, Lexie Garrison, and Alicia Wade

Glorious Happy B-Day America and we have Multiple Questions that will be Answered in The OSJ Radio Studios with VALLIANCE Bank Experts on all the Government Moneys Available to you and your Small Business to take Advantage of!!! Tune In this Saturday, July the 4th at 9:05am on The Eagle 🦅 1640AM on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour… This show can be a lifeline to you, someone you know or your business!

Left to Right is: Valliance Bank Expert Representatives are:  Karissa Suchy is a Client Relationship Manager, Lexie Garrison is Senior Vice President, Chief Credit Officer and Alicia Wade is Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer.

Alicia Wade is Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer for Valliance Bank, where she has served for the last 12 years.Alicia oversees Bank and Branch Operations, Compliance, Cybersecurity, Physical Security Information Technology and Marketing.With more than 22 years of banking experience, Alicia embraces the community bank spirit amidst the ever-growing changes in the financial services field. 


Karissa Suchy

Karissa Suchy is a Client Relationship Manager for Valliance Bank, where is has served for the last 2 years.  Karissa is responsible new client acquisition, maintains current bank relationships, and serves as a community advocate.  She is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations. 

Lexie Garrison

Lexie Garrison is Senior Vice President, Chief Credit Officer for Valliance Bank, were she has served for the last 9 years.She oversees the bank’s loan credit department, manages credit risk, and analyzes credit documentation and current market trends.Lexie holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Masters of Business Administration from the University of Central Oklahoma and has over 19 years of experience in banking. 


Website: valliance.bank

Phone: 405-286-5700

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @valliancebank