3-7-20: VillagesOKC members Patty Rhodes, Bill Johnson and Exec Director Marilyn Olson

This week on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour, Saturday morning at 9:05AM • 12/7/19 on KZLS The Eagle 640AM. In studio: (L-R) Bill Johnson & Patty Rhodes (Both Members of VillagesOKC) Marilyn Olson (Executive Director of VillagesOKC) and Robin Gunn.

Patty Rhodes, a VillagesOKC member since June 2019, has been a volunteer in the VilkagesOKC office two days a week.  She is responsible for handling the day to day accounting/bookkeeping functions for VillagesOKC.   Patty says, “After the death of my husband, I’ve found a new purpose by using the skills and knowledge from her professional career to help VillagesOKC grow.”


Bill Johnson is a retired CPA.  A VillagesOKC member since January 2019 Bill says, “I came to VillagesOKC wanting to help others, but instead found I’ve received much more.”  Bill’s years as a Chief Financial Officer followed by 10 years at H & R Block, he has been able to use that knowledge to provide wise leadership to the VillagesOKC financial strategy.


Marilyn Olson is Executive Director of VillagesOKC, a virtual community of mature adults helping each other to live in the homes of their choosing.  The organization serves member/volunteers by connecting trusted members with organizations and trusted businesses.

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