1-11-20: COX Homelife in studio: Lex Heatrice & Patrick Ivey

This week on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour, Saturday morning at 9:05AM • 12/7/19 on KZLS The Eagle 🦅 1640AM. In studio: COX Homelife Care … Providing a way to stay in our homes with just a little extra help and care.  (Left) Lex Heatrice, Homelife Care Business Development Executive  & (right) Patrick Ivey, Director of Cox Homelife care are informing us on how inexpensive it is to stay in your home with just a little extra help and care!

Alexis (Lex) Heatrice is the Homelife Care Business Development Executive for Cox. In August of 2018, Alexis joined the Homelife Care team were he can help provide safety and peace of mind to our senior community. Alexis serves on the Advisory Councils for Sunbeam, and RSVP.
Patrick Ivey is a Director of Cox Homelife. He has been with Cox for 15 years and has held many leadership, with a focus on building environments where employees can succeed.  Patrick has a passion for conservation and he is the Co-Chair of the Cox Conserves team. He has a MBA from the University of Oklahoma, and loves traveling, spending time with his family.

Call the experts today for a free consultation. (405) 541-9350 or email alexis.heatrice@cox.com

Phone: (405) 541-9350 (call Lex)

800-234-4100 offer code: Closer

Website: cox.com/homelifecare