4-25-19: Greg Bridges & Melissa Hill, Co-Owners of Home Care Assistance

This week on The Rise & Thrive OSJ Radio Hour, Saturdays 9:05 a.m. on The Eagle, KZLS 1640AM or listen in on the OSJ app and website “Home Page” anytime! In-studio: Greg Bridges & Melissa Hill, Co-Owners of Home Care Assistance

Greg Bridges is Co-Owner and Administrator for Oklahoma’s Home Care Assistance. As an RN with a passion for people young and old, Greg brings clinical expertise and oversight to Home Care Assistance. In addition to patient care, he has served in management and consulting roles for Medicare providers and he was director of education and staff development for a college nursing program.

Melissa Hill is Co-Owner of Oklahoma’s Home Care Assistance and an advocate for bringing healthy lifestyle strategies into the homes of seniors. Melissa developed a passion for senior care and wellness issues in her role as communications director for a Medicare Quality Improvement Organization. There she worked to promote healthcare quality improvement and to engage health care providers, patients and communities in health care and aging issues.