10-27-18: VillagesOKC’s Marylin Olson plus Crossings Community Church announcing the Gaither Vocal Band Concert

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In-studio guest: Marilyn Olson of VillagesOKC, “It is a PLAN, not a PLACE”. Marilyn Olson is currently Executive Director for VillagesOKC, Inc – a cooperative organization of seniors 55+ who help each other age in their own homes. Ms. Olson is an Oklahoma farm-girl holding a BS in Education from Southern Nazarene University.

For the past 35 years she’s tackled issues of aging from within hospitals, retirement communities and nursing homes and as consultant to caregiving families. She serves as caregiver to her 103 year old mother and enjoys life with husband, Jim, three grown daughters and their families. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT VillagesOKC website: villagesokc.org Phone: (405) 990-6637

Plus a Call-In from Katy Long the Communications Staff Writer from Crossings Community Church announcing the Gaither Vocal Band in Concert at Crossings Church on Nov. 2nd, 7pm. (click here for more info)