2-17-18: WellTrackONE a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit, with George Massey

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Guest in studio: George Massey, with WellTrackONE, introducing Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visit!

George Massey and his wife, Susan, have lived in Oklahoma City for 25 years.  They have one son, Brent, a third-year Neurology Resident at the University of Kansas. George Is a Representative with WellTrackONE and he is introducing Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visit to Oklahoma. Not a Physical Exam, the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit is an  Assessment and Report that is presented to your Physician!

This Medicare Approved Assessment is FREE to every Medicare Patient and has NO Copay or Deductible and very simple for your Physician to incorporate to his practices!

Please text Wellness2018 to 95577 for our Video!

Contact George at his email [email protected] or call 405-640-4794! Telemedicine?    www.telemedok.com